Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Morning Madness #15: Bad Things Happen in Threes

Once again I find myself writing this post at nearly midnight instead of in the morning. I had tossed and turned the previous night and I fell asleep in at nearly six o'clock this morning, resulting in me sleeping in a little late. The last few weeks have been chaotic, causing me to feel worn out.

It seems that bad things really happen in threes. The breaker to my bathroom blew out a few months ago. It has been temporarily fixed, but I've been told that the breakers I have aren't made anymore. My father had a light stroke this month, which I was back and forth the hospital. He has been released and is slowly recovering. The thunderstorms last week lead to rainwater leaking into the finished basement, which has never happened before. The water is mostly gone, but the carpets are still damp. I've tried using a carpet cleaner on them, but it isn’t helping much.

I'm falling slightly behind on my reviews. I currently have five books, a DVD, and two products that I need to write reviews for. Hopefully, I can get to them tomorrow.

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  1. What a week - already! I hope things look up as the week progresses, and many wishes of a speedy recovery to your dad.


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