Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday Morning Madness #12: Feeling Blue on April's Fools Day

I'm a little late with this week's post. I should just call it Monday Night Madness. I spent most the day with a bad wisdom tooth ache, which is somewhat tolerable now. No, it’s not an April's Fool Day joke like the pathetic YouTube shutdown. I was actually in pain for the majority of the day. I’m just now getting over a lower back injury and strep throat. Despite all my setbacks, I still have a positive outlook and I'm still continuing to get into shape (aka healthier). I've been too tired at night to write reviews, therefore I'll be writing the Arkeepers Episodes Two and Three tomorrow.

I'm surprised that I stayed awake through Dallas, Castle, and Bates Motel. Castle has been getting stale, but tonight's "Rear Window" was a treat to watch. Bates Motel keeps getting weirder and weirder, and Norman is slowly becoming Psycho!

I've been receiving several books in the mail to review, as wells as a few eBooks. I think I'm going to read The Very First Bite by Cynthia Langston next.

I've been watching (well listening to it while I work on other stuff) movies and TV series on DVD.  Watching Bate Motel got me in the mood to rewatch Psycho II and Psycho III over the weekend. I watched the 10th Kingdom DVD of the course of three days. And I've been watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yes, I admit that I've been in the mood for the silly show every since I reviewed one of the newer DVD releases a few months ago. I ended up buying the original series on DVD several weeks ago. It hasn't aged very well with its low-budget special effects, badly dubbed scenes, thin plots, and below average acting. Nevertheless, I found myself somewhat enjoying it.

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