Monday, 8 April 2013

DVD Review - Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp

Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp
Studio: Acorn Media (Acacia)
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Running Time: Approx. 90 min.
Rating: Not Rated


You may wonder why a man would be reviewing a workout intended for women. Well, I have lower-back problems, so I thought I would try out a workout that targets the gluteus maximus muscle. There aren't a whole lot of workout DVDs aimed for men, unless you count the high intensity ones, which aren't good for my back. Acacia nicely sent me a free copy of Kenya Moore" Booty Boot Camp in exchange for my honest review. Kenya Moore is a former Miss USA and is currently on the reality program The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which I have never watched before. Actually, I've never heard of Kenya before this workout DVD.

The workout DVD consist of a warm-up, a level 1 workout, a level 2 workout, a level 3 workout, a short cool-down, and a cool-down with additional ab-flattening workout. You don't have to play all the workouts straight through, as you can easily use the menu to pick out which ones you want to try out for the day. No weights are needed, but you do need to use a rug or yoga mat for the floor work.

Despite what the title suggests Kenya isn’t the instructor here, though she does take over for a few routines. The real instructor is Nikki Veal who teaches simple moves that are suppose to shrink your waist, define your abs and give you a butt lift.

Let me start out by saying Booty Boot Camp is a really low-intensity workout. I didn't even break a sweat, though I didn't play all the workouts together. I tried out each twenty-minute workout on separate days. None of the moves are exactly groundbreaking, as I've seen almost all of them in other workout programs. There are times when the instructor doesn't talk to the participants and I got extremely bored. The third level begins with a shot of the camera equipment. You talk about bad editing or just lazy editing.

Anyone in average shape probably won't benefit from any of the routines, unless you have some flexibility issues, lower-back or knee problems, which in those cases you might be able to benefit from the leg raises and squats. In a world with Beachbody products, Tae Bo, and countless other workouts, Booty Boot Camp offers nothing new or exciting, but a person might gain some strength in their hips and lower-back over time. To me, the workouts were easy to do, but they did help me stretch out my lower-back. As a whole, I can't see someone losing weight from this DVD alone. You would have to throw in some cardio and a little weight lifting to see any benefits. Overall, I'm giving the DVD two out five and I only recommend it for people who need to increase strength in your lower-back or butt.

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