Sunday, February 24, 2013

DVD Review - Street Sharks: The Complete Series

Street Sharks: The Complete Series
Voices: Terry Berner, Pam Carter, Matt Hill, Jim Hoggatt, J. Michael Lee, Andrew Rannells, Lee Tockar, D. Kevin Williams, Tony Wike
Studio: Mills Creek Entertainment
Release Date: February 19, 2013
Retail: $12.98
Running Time: 14 hours 47 minutes
Rated: TV-Y7


Animation series conquered the television screens during the 1980s until the mid 1990s. Growing up during that time period, I watched dozens of cartoon series, but by the mid 1990s I was out of my cartoon stage and became interested in other stuff. Now as an adult, I have taken an interest in revisiting the cartoons that I grew up with and others that I never got a chance to watch. One those series was Street Sharks that aired from 1994-1996. The complete series has recently been released to DVD for the first time from Mill Creek Entertainment, who sent me a complementary copy in exchange for my honest review.

Street Sharks was based on the Mattel toy-line of the same name. The main plot involved Dr. Paradigm experimenting on gene-manipulation. His assistant, Dr. Robert Bolton, tried to destroy his research, but ended up being mutated before escaping the lab. Bolton's sons, John, Bobby, Coop, and Clint, investigated his disappearance, but were kidnapped by Dr. Paradigm, who turned them into sharks.

The rest of the series focused on the brothers', now known as Ripster, Jab, Streex, and Big Slammu, attempts at capturing Dr. Paradigm, so he could return them back to their human form. Each episode has Dr. Paradigm turning people into mutants and the brothers must stop them.

The 40 episodes on the two disc set are:

Disc One: Sharkbait (Mini-Series Part 1), Shartsbite (Mini-Series) Part 2) Sharkstorm (Mini-Series Part 3), Shark Quest, Lone Shark, Shark N' Roll, Fresh Water Sharks, Shark Treatment, Road Shark, Shark Fight

Bonus Episode: C.O.P.S. The Case of the Boy Who Cried Sea Monster

Disc Two: Sky Sharks, Sharks of Steel, Shark Source, Jurassic Shark, Sir Shark-A-Lot, Shark to the Future, First Shark, Rebel Sharks, Space Sharks, A Shark Among US

Disc Three: To Shark or Not, Eco Shark, Close Encounters of the Shark Kind, Satellite Sharks, Cave Sharks, Shark Wars, Sharkfather, Shark Hunt, Card Sharks, Shark-Jacked

Disc Four: Turbo Shark, 20,000 Sharks Under the Sea, Ancient Sharkonauts, Sharkotic Reaction, Sand Sharks, Shark Quake, Super Shark, Jungle Shark,Trojan Sharks, Shark-Apolypose Now!

I never watched Street Sharks during its original run, but I do remember it being advertised along with the toys. The main plot of four mutant brothers reminds me a lot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There is plenty of action every episode, but the plots are silly and outrageous. The series was short-lived and I’m glad that Mill Creek Entertainment is bringing these almost forgotten cartoons to DVD for a new generation. Just like similar releases, each disc is in a paper sleeve. Overall, I enjoyed watching each shark attack episode and I recommend it to other cartoon fans.

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