Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Madness #3: The Puzzles of Life

After having the flu bug, the cold and a nasty sore throat, I actually started to feel pretty good, that is until my wisdom tooth (which started to come in about two years ago) decided to mess with my weekend by giving me an unwanted toothache.

I don't go to a barber or hairdresser as I don't have much hair to cut, so I shave my hair myself, which is exactly what I was doing on Friday, that is until my cordless razor quit before I was finished. I plugged in the cord to the outlet to charge it, but the razor was done for. I carefully finished shaving with a disposable razor. So, I was forced to buy an electric clipper instead of another cordless razor, because it was cheaper.

Why bad things always happened to me? It seems as if I can't get a break. Or maybe this is just many puzzles of life that will never be answered.

My planned focus for this post was to talk about puzzles, not life's puzzles, but real puzzles you put together. Remember those? I'm not talking about the puzzle games on your computer or cell phone. I'm taking about the old fashioned cardboard pieces that you put together to form a picture.

My late grandmother use to spoil with me with a new puzzle every week when I was a kid. I had so many of them that my mother had to tell her not stop buying them as I was ruining out room to store them. I occasionally put together 500 to a 1000 piece puzzles, I even remember putting together a few Star Wars puzzles. The last time I recall putting together a puzzle was during my senior year of high school during an art class. The other students must of thought I was nuts when I started putting in dozens of pieces at a time.

I received a 1000 pieces Harlequin puzzle for Christmas. The puzzle looked kind of difficult, but I ended up putting it together in about a day. I happened to stumble upon two more Harlequin puzzles a few days later and I had them both put together in less than a week. I later bought a 500 piece puzzle, but it too me about three weeks to finish it. Not because it was difficult, I just wasn't in the mood for puzzling anymore as I have enough puzzles in my life already.

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