Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Christmas Movies

  • 5. Christmas with the Kranks - I saw the movie when it originally came out back in 2004, which is based on the non-lawyer novel by John Grisham. The movie centers on the Kranks (played by Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis), who decide to skip the holidays and take a trip instead. Yes, it is predictable, but it has its funny moments.

  • 4. The Santa Clause - I saw this movie starring Tim Allen eighteen-years-ago at the theater with my parents. I later owned a VHS version, but it went bad many years ago. Every year I look for it on DVD, but I could only find it in a 3-pack with the second and third films, which I already own on DVD. Luckily, I finally found The Santa Clause on DVD this year for ten dollars and it is just a funny as I remember it. 

    • 3. Bad Santa - This 2003 film starring Billy Bob Thornton, Lauren Graham, and the late great comedians John Ritter and Bernie Mac is one the raunchiest Christmas movies ever released. I own Badder Santa, the uncut version of the film, and despite a few crude minutes, I always find myself laughing all the way through it. Trust me, it's not a family movie, but it is one my favorites to watch every year.

      2. Scrooged -  In this twisted spin on The Christmas Carol, Bill Murray plays a television executive Frank Cross, who happens to gets a few visits by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. This is another favorite of mine from my childhood. The movie has held up well over the years and it is still played on several cable channels during Christmastime.

      • 1. All I Want For Christmas - I was only a 10-year-old when this movie was released back in 1991 and I have fond memories of it. I'm surprised that the movie doesn't get very many favorable reviews, as it is one of my favorite holiday movies. The plot was simple - kids try to scheme their parents into getting back together on Christmas Eve. 

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    1. I Love The Santa Clause!

      I made a list the other day too:


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