Monday, 8 October 2012

RevLocal Helping Businesses Grow Online

Starting a new business online or even just a blog is not easy as it looks. Small to medium sized businesses, like a grocery store, buy ads in the local newspapers to attract new customers. An online business can't expect to receive the same results from only printed advertising. To have a successful online business you must have your website/blog to show up on the first page of a search engine. Sure you can submit your URL to specific search engines, but you are not guaranteed to be on the first page.

RevLocal is part of the ECR Online Marketing Solutions, a company that has helped improve all their customers' small business marketing by delivering quality experiences, building a trusting business relationship, offering the most advanced tools, and providing fast processing. RevLocal has been serving loyal customers for 17 years with the best Internet access, affordable web hosting, and SEO and SEM solutions. The company has helped their customers receive and maintain first page listings from keyword searches.

RevLocal specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses build their Bing Local Profile, their Google Place page, and local Internet marketing. They will add your website to the best listing databases and to local search engines, providing you with more traffic. You won't have to worry about the search engines making changes as RevLocal will be on top of it for you.

Things are always changing online daily and partnering with RevLocal will save you time and money.

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