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Review - Desires Revealed

Desires Revealed
By Rebeka Harrington
Publisher: Rebeka Harrington
ISBN: 978-0987195630
Pub. Date: July 30, 2012
Pages: 226
Buy Links: Paperback, Kindle


Desires Reveals revolves around a 2,600 year-old vampire named Bektamun who happens to save a family whom are accused of being Huguenots in the St. Bartholomew's Massacre of 1572.

The daughter of the family, Nicole, bonds with the vampire despite her young age (She is around four or five.) and the fact that her parents and siblings don't care for it. Over the years her relationship with the vampire becomes deeper, but there is a rule that vampires can never have a relationship with a human. There are dark forces that will stop at nothing to destroy their bond.

Desire Revealed is not your typical vampire tale, which usually has a male vampire falling in love with a teenage girl. Here we have an older (much older) female vampire who is searching for something more meaningful and she finds exactly that in her young companion Nicole. The narration throughout the book flows well. The author has created characters that are easily likeable despite their flaws. Dark Revealed is about revenge, love, and friendship. It is a fast read at only 226 pages and I do wish that it was slightly longer. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to other Vampire readers/fans.

Note - I received a complementary review copy courtesy of the author.

About the Author: 

Raised in country Victoria, Rebeka started her writing career working for the local newspaper as a teenager. While she decided not to pursue this as a career, she has always enjoyed writing and being creative.

With so many varied interests and eccletic taste in most things, Rebeka enjoys incorporating all of them in her writing. She particularly enjoys writing about vampires.

Rebeka seeks to define and explain vampires in a way not done before. This has been achieved with her debut title "Vampires Revealed". Following titles will revolve around exploring the world and characters created in her first release.

Currently Rebeka lives in Melbourne with her "demented" but lovable cat, dividing her time between writing and managing a small boutique entertainment agency.

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