Saturday, 29 September 2012

Review - PT 24/7

I've enjoyed doing Tae Bo for about two years now and I was excited to buy the PT 24/7 from an eBay store seller last year, which I paid around $55 for it new. It came in a nice packaging box and in it was the two gloves, bands, velcro foot straps, a workout calendar, a diet guide book, and the 7 30 minute DVD workouts.

The workouts are:



Combo Sculpt

Ripped Core

Boot Camp Power

Body Blast

Cardio Burn

The gloves are bulky and the first time I used them, the thumb holes cut into my hands. During the second week the gloves started to peel off in places, followed by the stitching breaking apart. The gloves are cheap made. Instead of sending them back I use the gloves from the Gold's Gym MMA Training Kit, which fit a lot better, giving me more movement in my hands for punching.

I noticed there are a few complaints about the velcro feet straps. I have had them about ten months and I have never had a problem, except for that they can stick to the carpet.

The Basic workout is to help you learn the moves and to get use to the bands. My favorite workouts are Combo Sculpt, Ripped Core, Boot Camp Power, and Body Blast.

If you use the bands correctly they give you the resistance you need to see changes in your body. I especially feel the difference in my shoulders and arms. I'm only 5'9 and the bands work perfectly for me. Someone who is shorter or taller may have problems with them.

I noticed some reviewers complain about the price. A single Tae Bo DVD can cost around ten dollars at Walmart or up to fifteen dollars on In PT 24/7 you are getting 7 workouts, so if you bought them separately it would cost you at least seventy dollars, and that is without the gloves, bands, and the workout schedule.

Tae Bo may not be for everyone, but it works for me.

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