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May 6, 2012

Review - Dark Lullaby by Mayra Calvari

Dark Lullaby

BY: Mayra Caivani

PUBLISHED BY: Smashwords


ISBN: 978-1-4658-6204-4

Words: 67971 (approximate)

    Gabriel Diaz, an astrophysicist, thought he was living a normal life, well as normal as it can be. He’s getting over the three-year relationship with Liz, who he is still friends with. Despite her affections for him, he only thinks of her as a friend. He’s excited that his twin sister Elena is about to deliver her first child.

    Everything changes the night he meets the exotic Kamilah and is instantly seduced by her. Before he knows it, he is traveling with Kamilah to the mountains of the Black Sea, where she has a family cottage in Rize. Strange thing begin to happen to Gabriel starting with his cell phone, his only connection to the outside world, disappearing. Weird nightmare haunts him, followed by hallucinations that make him physically and mentally ill. Gabriel learns that Kamilah isn’t the beautiful innocent woman she claimed to be, as she targeted him with a specific agenda that involves Elena.

    Dark Lullaby has a gothic-like feel to it in the tradition of Rosemary’s Baby. After reading a few chapters, I was convinced that I was reading a romance novel, to my surprise it turned out to be a psychological horror novel. The author bravely used exotic locations instead of the typical big city setting. I enjoyed the horror aspects and the use of folklore to help build an intense plot. I found Gabriel to be an interesting character, and I thought Kamilah was just down right creepy. I recommend Dark Lullaby to all horror readers.

*I would like to thank Bewitching Book Tours for providing me a copy to review.

About the Author:

Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. Her stories, reviews, interviews and articles have appeared on numerous publications such as The Writer, Writer’s Journal, Multicultural Review, and Bloomsbury Review, among many others. A reviewer for over a decade, she now offers online reviewing workshops. When she’s not writing, reading, editing or reviewing, she enjoys walking her dog, traveling, and spending time with her family. 

Visit her website at Join her mailing list and receive the first two lessons of her book reviewing workshop, as well as her free ebook, Reviewers Talk About Their Craft.


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