Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Guest Post - Comparing The Myths And Facts Of The Human Soul

Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, here are five myths and facts about the human soul that will certainly make you stop and think.

1. Part Of A Whole

Myth- Whether a person believes in a God, the big bang theory or mythology it is believed that every soul is only a small part of the whole from one “supreme “source. As the soul matures it develops its own self-identity (the ego) and forgets about the “source” from which it was created.

Fact- Scientifically speaking, every human being is a part of a whole through childbirth. For any living thing to reproduce, a part of the original whether it is plant, animal or human must be used. Mathematically that makes it a fraction or piece of the whole and genetics will always link the new part through DNA to the original being.

2. Soul Mates

Myth- Many people believe that, within their life time, they are destined to be reunited with the other “soul” that completes their life and makes them “whole.” In many religious sectors it is believed that God has foreordained all marriages while others who believe in reincarnation consider a soul mate someone they have loved many times before in the past.

Fact- Psychologists believe that when two people meet who hold the same values and have external indicators that show compatibility a chemical reaction occurs that heightens the attraction and generates this feeling.

3. The Immortal Soul

Myth- Both religion and reincarnation teach that only the “physical” body is of this earth and upon death the soul returns to where it originated from. The religious sectors teach that souls are reunited again in Heaven while reincarnation teaches that the soul will be placed in another body.

Fact- Through experiments and studies psychologists have proven that anyone can become convinced on any idea, as long as the subject is willing to believe what they are being told. By believing in immortality, it is easier to accept the stress, challenges and problems that someone is faced with on a daily basis.


Myth- A person’s aura (electromagnetic energy field) is the blueprint to their soul.

Fact- Although people can sometimes be “read” by an outward appearance, such a smile or a frown, this is just an emotion. While it is possible to tell how someone is sensing or feeling, it is impossible to tell what the person believes or thinks which is stored within the soul of the person.

5. Soul Verses Spirit

Myth- The soul and the spirit of a person is the same thing.

Fact- Although both words can be used in both a metaphysical and metaphorical context and are sometimes overlapped they have to separate meanings. The word spirit is derived from the Latin word “spiritus” and means breath. The word soul is derived from the Old High German word “seilen” meaning to bind or restrain. Many theologists believe the when the body dies the soul stays with the body while the spirit is set free.

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