Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review - Angel & Faith Volume 1: Live Through This

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PUB DATE: July 3, 2012
ISBN: 9781595828873 
AUTHOR: Christos Gage
CONTRIBUTORS: Dan Jackson, Phil Noto, Rebekah Isaac, and Steve Morris

The Angel & Faith comic book series takes place during the Season 9 Buffyverse, where the renegade slayer Faith is helping Angel recuperate his way back to being good after being possessed by the “Twilight” during the season 8 comic book storyline, in which all magic was destroyed. Faith inherited Rupert Giles’s estate along with the watcher’s files after he was murdered by Angel. In the four part issue Live Through This, after defeating a demon that Giles once fought, Angel starts having visions of Giles and Jenny Calendar, whom both died by his hands. Feeling regret, Angel looks for away to bring Giles back and to make amends to the others that he hurt when he was “Twilight.”

    This series is set in London, where Angel is trying to clean up the streets by fighting the local demons with the help of Faith when she isn’t busy partying. Angel searches for Mohra blood in hope that he can reanimate Giles’s body. They are introduced to two new villains Nash and Pearl who are taking advantage of the no magic Earth.

    In issue five titled In Perfect Harmony changes the comic’s tone to more of a comedy with the return of vampire Harmony who asks for Angel’s help, as she is being blackmailed. Someone had stolen her sex tape, which shows her siring her lover.

    I was huge a Buffy and Angel fan when the show original aired. I had the posters taped to my walls and I had about every tie-in novelization. When I saw that the Angel & Faith Volume One was on NetGalley from Dark Horse Comics, I had to request to review it. The Live Through This four-part issue is dark with themes similar to the Angel television series. I was shocked to find out that Giles was killed off, but as I continued reading I can see a major storyline being created here. Let’s just say Angel is somewhat taking on characteristics of Giles. The fifth issue is a stand-alone story involving the return of vampire Harmony and is the weak link in the volume, using more comedy than action. I enjoyed going back to the Buffyverse. There’s a lot of promise with the series and look forward to other issues. Angel & Faith should satisfy most fans.

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