Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Review - Return to Finkleton

Return to Finkleton
BY: KC Hilton
ISBN: 978-1-4699-0108-4
Pages: 210
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

In this sequel to The Magic of Finkleton, taking place two years later, the Finkle children, Jack, Lizzy, and Robert have adjusted to living in the town of Finkleton. The family is still running their late uncle’s shop, in which the children discover a secret room full of mysterious books. Robert sneaks into the room and pulls a magical lever that causes lighting to strike a nearby home. Feeling guilty, Robert is determined to change his mistake, and with the help a magical clock, he might be able to do so. First, he accidentally travels to the future, where he sees the outcome of his actions.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and eagerly waited for the second book to be released. I read the book in one sitting! Just like the original, the sequel has a dazzling cover but this time with a magical clock. The sequel focuses more on the youngest child Robert as he travels through time to undo a fire that he caused. My favorite character still has to be Lizzy, as she and I have a love for books. This time around, we meet some new characters and get to explore some of the other shops in Finkleton. Mr. Lowsley returns as the villain, even more determined to find out what or who is responsible for the magical occurrences in Finkleton. KC Hilton has once again created a wonderfully original fantasy that both children and adults will love. I like how the author leaves a few unanswered questions for the reader to think about. Who is Mrs. Caroline? Luckily we don‘t have to wait long because we get a sneak peak at the third book Saving Finkleton, in which I cannot wait to read, in the back of the book. I recommend the book to everyone!

*I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to review!

To Learn More about the KC Hilton visit her website at www.kc-hilton.com or her blog at  www.themagicoffinkleton.com.


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