February 4, 2013

Monday Morning Madness #4: Super Bowl Leftovers

Typically, I would write my morning ramblings after 7 AM, but with hundreds of thoughts rolling around in my mind and the caffeine from the two cups of coffee that I drank thirty minutes ago finally kicking in, I thought I would go ahead and get this written while everything is still fresh.

Weekends are normally jammed pack with errands, cleaning, writing reviews, etc., which was basically what it was on Saturday, with the exception that I did a little cooking and baking, which resulted in me eating one too many orange cinnamon rolls. They were more than delicious, but my diet is now out of whack.

I happened to be in a thrift store and stumbled upon an unopened Charles Craft infant bib and quilted bib for a $1.50. It’s been a while since I have cross stitched anything and my cousin and his wife just had a baby girl last weekend, so I bought the bib set. I spent Saturday afternoon sitting on my knees and going through my storage trunk full of patterns. By the time I found two perfect patterns, the damage had already been done to my knees as they were both a little stiff. I really do need to start doing yoga or maybe visit a doctor of physical therapy, so I can work out those kinks in my knees and legs.

I would never call myself a football fan, but just like every other American, I found myself watching the Super Bowl last night. Actually, I think I’ve watched every Super Bowl since I was a kid. The commercials and the halftime show are what I enjoy the most, but for some unknown reason they have gotten worse every year. There use to be advertisements with those talking frogs for Budweiser, likeable Pepsi and Coca-Cola ads, and many upcoming movie trailers. What did we get this year? Not much of anything from my point of view. There were several pointless car ads, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan for Samsung, Glee’s Naya Rivera in the M&M’s ad, and CBS constantly advertising their different series. All the commercials were horrible, except for the one with the Budweiser horse. Where were all the movie trailers? I saw the one for Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6, Snitch, The Lone Ranger, World War Z, the very short Iron Man 3 teaser, and Oz the Great and Powerful. They weren’t that impressive to me considering the fact that two of the movies have been advertising for several weeks. Has advertisers ran out of creativity? Or was the 3.8 million dollars per 30 seconds just a bit too high?

Once again, the halftime show was a complete bore with Beyonce reuniting with Destiny’s Child. All the dancing couldn’t hide the fact that the singing was below average and the camera shots were horrible. I have nothing against Beyonce, but I wish Pepsi (who produced the halftime show) had gotten Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or even Taylor Swift to perform as they would bring in a wide range of viewers.

The only thing interesting about the Super Bowl was the game itself, especially with the 34-minute blackout.

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