April 13, 2012

DVD Review - Friday the 13th Part 3

Since today is Friday the 13th, I thought I would honor one of my favorite horror movies from the 80s titled Friday the 13th part 3. Released in 1982 when I was one-year-old, the movie picks up a day after the Camp Crystal Lake killings from the second film. Chris Higgins, along with her pals Shelly, Debbie, Andy, Vera, Chuck and Chili, returns to her family cabin, called Higgins Haven, the first time since she was attacked by a disfigured man two years earlier. Already at the cabin is Chris's boyfriend, Rick (who is way to old for her).

Shelly (the goofball of the group) and Vera run into a group of bikers briefly. The bikers follow them to the cabin, where the bikers attempted to burn down the barn, but Jason is hiding there and he gets rid of them. While Chris and Rick go out for a drive, one by one Jason slaughters her friends Then he slips on the hockey mask for the first time.

I vividly recall watching Friday the 13th part 3 for the first time when I was around eight or nine on a Saturday afternoon. Even though it was heavily cut, I instantly became a fan of the series. Several years ago, around Halloween, my local Walmart had 1 through 8 on DVD for five dollars each. At the time I didn't have the money to buy them, but to my surprise I received the DVDs as a Christmas present from my parents. I take them out and watch them around Friday the 13th or Halloween. The fourth, third, second and sixth movies are my favorites out the series.

Part 3 was originally released in 3D, which wasn't technology developed as it is now. The 3D version was released on DVD a few years ago, but I only have the 2D version. The opening credits suffer from it, and there are a few instances where an object is forced toward the audience. I like most of the characters except for Chuck and Chili, the hippies. They're much older than the rest of the group, and they're just there for a death scene. Just like part 2, the 3rd has a long chase scene between the heroine and Jason, in which at times is intense and inspired some of scenes in the remake. In the end, we get the famous axe to the head scene, which was intended to end the series, but instead we got more sequels.

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