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[Review] — R.L. Stine's "SHARK NIGHT" is a Fast-Paced Joyride

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I'm a lifelong R.L. Stine fan, so naturally, I bought his newest book, Shark Night (published by Black Stone Publishing), and I had to buy it online because the department stores in my neck of the woods don't carry many new children's book releases. Now, I set my mind on reading Shark Night for "Shark Week." I could have sworn "Shark Week" was the first week in August, but it turns out that I'm wrong—this week is "Shark Week." So, I sat down on Monday morning, sipped on a cup of strong coffee, and read Shark Night from beginning to end.  

The plot pokes fun at the shark-themed specials on Discovery Channel during their annual Shark Week. The protagonist is twelve-year-old Liam Brachman, whose mother is a filmmaker specializing in television documentaries. Her latest project for the Danger Channel involves putting a teenager inside a tank with a shark. Sounds dangerous, right?  

Let's say things don't go as planned. Liam finds himself in the ocean face-to-face with a deadly shark; then everything goes insane, and the story takes several twists and turns with Liam and his younger sister, Rosa, stuck on an island resort. Yes, I said an island resort!  

It's juvenile fiction/horror, but calling it "horror" is a stretch. It's more like an adventure with humor and satire mixed in with lighthearted thrills. Counting all of the illustrations by Kathryn Galloway English, the page length cranks in at 283, which is significantly longer than the average Goosebumps book.  

Shark Night is a fast-paced joyride that pits young characters into unbelievable situations. The cover artwork is brilliantly vibrant; the illustrations are cartoonish but vibe well with the story. Overall, Shark Night is an entertaining and fun read that will appeal to young and older readers like myself. ╌★★★★✰

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