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[Review] — "ROUTE 60: THE BIBLICAL HIGHWAY" — {Giveaway}

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"Visually stunning and compelling storytelling.” - Mike Huckabee 

"ROUTE 60 combines the truth of the Bible with undeniable archaeological proof, and like our tour guides, Pompeo and Friedman, that’s a powerful combination!” - Erick Stakelbeck 


The biblical spine of Israel, also known as the Path of the Patriarchs and formally known as Route 60, cuts through the center of the Promised Land. This 146-mile stretch of asphalt and concrete runs from Nazareth, Israel's largest Arab city, to Beersheba, one of Israel's high-tech cities. It is a route of profound historical significance and is frequently the site of tension and bloodshed. Route 60, which runs from north to south, links Muslims, Jews, and Christians with one another, as well as Israelis and Palestinians.

This journey is more than just a two-lane road; it is a historically significant, sacred link to the beginnings of both Christianity and Judaism and the Old and New Testament accounts.

Follow the path that Abraham, Jacob, King David, and Jesus once traveled—as they go along this holy route with Mike Pompeo and David Friedman, two world-changing diplomats. Learn the past, see the mending, and grasp the optimism along the ROUTE 60: THE BIBLICAL HIGHWAY.

My Thoughts

Mike Pompeo, a former secretary of state of the United States, and David Friedman, a former ambassador of the United States to Israel, lead viewers on a 90-minute tour of historical locations along the "Biblical Highway" in the fascinating documentary ROUTE 60: THE BIBLICAL HIGHWAY. While Friedman is Jewish, Pompeo is a Christian. Their thoughts and reflections on narratives from the Old and New Testaments were intriguing.

I've never visited the Holy Land, so I was anxious to watch a documentary about the landmarks and learn more about biblical history. Overall, I enjoyed 
ROUTE 60: THE BIBLICAL HIGHWAY; the 90-minute runtime flies by quickly. Undoubtedly, it's worth watching. ╌★★★★✰

Disclosure: Many thanks to TBN for providing a digital screener for this review. My opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I would love to see this fim with my family.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing this movie with my family. I like that it looks so educational.
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  3. Awesome looking movie. I'd probably see it by myself.

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  5. I am sure this is a super movie to see with my husband. Seems terrific.

  6. I love the history and geography lessons .

  7. I know this would be nice to see with family.

  8. I look forward to seeing interesting movies like this.

  9. I am looking forward to seeing this movie with my family. This sounds both an educational and entertaining movie.

  10. It is super to see a good movie every now and then!


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