Friday, November 11, 2022

{The Friday 56}—"Thief of Fate" by Jude Deveraux and Tara Sheets


Pick up any book.
Open your Reader to page 56 or 56%.
Look up any sentence (or more). Simply don't ruin it.
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"No, it should be me. I know how to work the cloning device."

page 56, "Thief of Fate" by Jude Deveraux and Tara Sheets

My Thoughts

I'm reading Thief of Fate, the third and last installment in the Providence Fall trilogy. Overall, it's short, so I should be able to read it fast.


  1. I was not expecting that line given that cover. I might have to try it?

  2. Cloning device?! Intriguing!!!!! Happy weekend!

  3. What are they doing with a cloning device?
    Have a great weekend!


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