Thursday, September 1, 2022

How Streaming TV Services Help Boost Sales?

Video streaming has changed the television landscape in many ways, but one thing that remains the same is convenience. Consumers want ease of use to be as important as the content. While this may seem obvious, many audiences find it difficult to sort through the various choices. If you're trying to sell a product or service, convenience is one of the top factors. Here's how streaming TV services can benefit your business.


Streaming TV services have a unique advantage over broadcast television. These services don't rely on advertisers to attract viewers. Instead, the content is appealing to the 18-49 demographic.  

With the increasing number of streaming TV services on the market, consumers have more options than ever. The average household has three or four subscriptions. However, for those who want to watch multiple shows, this can add up to a high monthly cost. 


The rise of streaming video services has changed the way television is consumed. Despite a crowded market, consumers still prioritize convenience above all else. Many viewers find it difficult to choose between platforms, and their content is overwhelming. Convenience is almost as important as price for consumers. In addition, more subscribers are looking for ad-free and subsidized offerings. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the consumer, but these streaming services like AtmosphereTV will continue to grow if they can offer a great customer experience and lower costs. 

While gaining new subscribers is important, it is also essential to keep existing ones. Many streaming services require that subscribers pay for at least 15 months to sign up. Then, it is up to the company to retain those subscribers. As consumers reap the benefits of streaming services, they are shuffling among subscriptions with increased vigor, hunting for original content and mining ever-shifting back catalogs. They must also balance the costs of ad-supported services with those of paid subscriptions.

No Hidden Fees

While many streaming TV services charge no additional fees, a few do. Streaming services often have no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. Cable and satellite television providers often offer multiple plans with hundreds of channels. The main difference between streaming and cable is price. Streaming TV services are more expensive than cable, but the difference is mainly in the price per channel. Though cable offers more channels, quality doesn't always follow quantity. Streaming TV services tend to offer only the most popular channels. Some streaming services charge extra for features like digital video recorders, which may be necessary for your needs. If you can live without a digital video recorder or a few popular channels, you may be able to save money with a free service.

Service Hopping

Despite the increased popularity of streaming TV services, it is still unclear what the future holds for subscription-based video-on-demand services. The increased competition in the industry is making it harder for streaming services to maintain their subscriber base. According to a recent survey, 20 percent of US consumers canceled a subscription last year, and nearly half had canceled at least one service in the past six months. While free services are relatively stable, paid services face a growing number of subscribers that may abandon them after a few months.

Consumers are becoming more discerning regarding their entertainment choices and are not keeping the same subscription for long. According to a recent survey, almost one in four respondents had canceled a streaming video service in the past year, and more than half had done so in the last six months. Although this trend is partly due to the economic pressures on consumers, streaming video providers highlight the need for better analysis and data-driven decision-making.

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