Sunday, July 24, 2022

{Sunday Post} - The Gray Man, Phoenix Flame, and Shattered

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Good Morning, Everyone! 


What Am I Reading? 

I'm currently reading multiple books. I have 100 pages or so left in The Gray Man by Mark Greaney. I've read 40% of Nightmare Fuel: The Science of Horror Films by Nina Nesseth. I've listened to 37.8% of the audiobook Star Wars: Padawan by Kiersten White. 

Next, I will read the library loaned eBook The Bitterroots by C.J. Box, followed by The Deadly Shallows by Dani Pettrey.

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What's in the Mail?

Since I no longer have a Scholastic connection (the publicist's email no longer works), I'm now buying each new Goosebumps book. I had to order Haunting with the Stars because the Walmarts in my area don't carry children's books for whatever reason. I also got another Joe Pickett novel - In Plain Sight (the sixth book). Revell sent me an ARC of Crossfire by Lynette Eason.

What's New on the Bookshelf?

Holy Crap! Walmart finally put out a few new books. And by few, I mean three books - The Gray Man by Mark Greaney, Shattered by James Patterson and James O. Born, and Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Well, I guess it's a start. I picked up The Gray Man and Shattered. A friend gave me Where the Crawdads Sing a few years ago, though I hate to admit that I've never read it.

Its been several weeks since my last visit to the local thrift store. I stopped there Saturday morning and picked up seven battered Terry Goodkind paperbacks for ten cents each. The titles are Soul of the Fire, Faith of the Fallen, Confessor, Blood of the Fold, Stone of Tears, The Pillars of Creation, and Naked Empire.

The Dollar Tree in my town decided to move the artificial flowers to the book aisle, and now the books and DVDs (what I call Black Friday rejects) have been relocated to an endcap near the food aisle. (Yeah, that makes no sense.) I picked up Phoenix Flame by Sara Holland, Follow Me by Kathleen Barber, and A Shroud of Leaves by Rebecca Alexander.


  1. Looks like you had a great week of finding affordable books. And in a range of genres. I've read several of the Joe Pickett books in a random order - I like that they're a non-traditional investigator based story....but for a park ranger, he's sure stumbled on a lot of murders. :)
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  2. The gray Man- I wonder if that's any relation to a show on netflix by the same name. I think I saw it on there this week... anyway oh and I forgot to check in on your Barnabas Collins review. Gotta do that... I've seen Crossfire on another blog recently too...

  3. I am reading The Deadly Shallows now and I also have Crossfire to read.

  4. Those are cool books you got. I need to give the Dollar Tree book section a try.

  5. Good finds - have a great week ahead!


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