Sunday, July 31, 2022

[Sunday Post] - The Bourne Sacrifice, The Escape Room, and The Highway

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Good Morning, Everyone! 


What Am I Reading? 

Since last week's post, I finished The Gray Man, Nightmare Fuel, and Star Wars: Padawan. I'm currently reading multiple books. After watching a few episodes of Star Trek: TOS, I read Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden by William Shatner (cowritten with Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens). I'm rereading Star Trek: Return, a book I first read in 1997. I lost the book somewhere but later found another copy at a thrift store. I'm on Chapter Sixteen (page 125).

Sometime today, I'll start listening to the audiobook Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw.

I've returned Bitterroots by C.J. Box to OverDrive, which will be defunct in 2023. I've already downloaded Libby, so I'm all set. I still had ten days left on my loan but returned it this morning. Kindle had the book on sale today for $2.99, so I bought it. Bitterroots is the fifth book in the series, but I haven't read books two and four. I want to read them before reading the fifth.

I'm itching to read Crossfire by Lynette Eason and The Deadly Shadows by Dani Pettrey. I'll tackle those as soon as I finish Star Trek: The Return. I've been in a "reading zone" for the past few weeks, so I wouldn't be surprised if I finish the three by Wednesday. Then I'll read Shattered by James Patterson & James O. Born and The Bourne Sacrifice by Brian Freeman.  

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What's in the Mail?

I now have two copies of Shattered by James Patterson & James O. Born. LOL. The book came out July 18th. I sent an ARC request but never heard back from the publicist. There weren't any ARCs available for the last few Patterson titles, so I bought Shattered at Walmart. Out of the blue, I received a review copy on Friday. What will I do with the extra book? I'll keep the ARC and run a giveaway for the other copy.

Also, on Friday, I received a copy of
The Bourne Sacrifice by Brian Freeman. This book wasn't a surprise. I requested an ARC, and the Putnam publicist confirmed I was getting a copy. I didn't know Putnam was sending me two of the same book. So, I'll be doing another giveaway soon.

Have you ever ordered anything from Hamilton Books? I get books and movies from them once in a while. Usually, the shipping takes a few weeks. On Friday, July 22nd, I ordered
The Highway and Paradise Valley by C.J. Box, and the books arrived in the mail on the 25th. That's the fastest I've ever gotten a shipment from Hamilton Books

What's New on the Bookshelf?

I'm surprised Dollar Tree keeps getting in more books. I picked up The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler, Lies by T. M. Logan, and The Escape Room by Megan Goldin. I own The Book of Speculation on a hardback that I bought for $2 at the library. Why did I get a second copy? The paperback has a bonus short story, The Mermaid Girl.

While I was in the city on Tuesday, I went to Half-Priced Books to look for The Old Man by Thomas Perry, which wasn't there. Then I searched for anything by C.J. Box, found three titles, and picked up the two I didn't have - Vicious Circle and Badlands. FYI - Badlands was the last book I read from my free Kindle Unlimited trial expired. I was happy to find it in paperback for $4.99.

Kindle already listed seven of the August 99-cent Star Trek ebooks. I already own Final Frontier in paperback, so I didn't get it. However, I did grab the other six - DS9: Hollow Men by Una McCormack, DTI: Watching the Clock, DTI: Forgotten History, DTI: The Collectors, DTI: Time Lock, and DTI: Sheilds of the Gods. DTI stands for Department of Temporal Investigations, a five-part series by Christopher L. Bennett. I'll check the Kindle monthly ebook sale and Simon & Schuster's Star Trek monthly ebook deal tomorrow just in case there are a few more titles on sale.


  1. Oh wow Kiersten White wrote a Star Wars? And I've seen the Bourne movies but haven't read any of the books. Dollar Tree has the new Megan Goldin as well... hmmm. Maybe I need to stop in.

  2. There are two other Star Trek titles on sale - TOS: Agents of Influence by Dayton Ward and Voyager: The Farther Shore by Christie Golden.

  3. Srar Trek: The Return looks interesting. I've never read any from that series before. Padawan is on my wish list.

  4. I love Libby. I don't know what I'd do without it. Enjoy your upcoming reads!


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