Sunday, 23 January 2022

[Sunday Post] - Dark Shadows, White Fire, and The Woman Beyond the Attic

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Good Evening, Everyone! 

Yes, I'm a little late with today's post. The cold medicine I took in the middle of the night knocked me out, and I overslept this morning.

Two more bookmarks I had ordered from Trends International arrived in the mail a few days ago. One is the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the other is from Stranger Things


What Am I Reading?

Friday, I received an ARC of The Woman Beyond the Attic: The V.C. Andrews Story. As soon as I began reading it that afternoon, the 28-page preface started to break apart from the binding glue. I've never seen this happen to a brand-new book. I had to "Frankenstein" the preface pages with adhesive glue and book tape. I read the preface and the biography sections, so I've read about 63%. The rest of the book contains "The Obsessed," an unfinished novel by the late V.C. Andrews. 

Next, I'll be reading Victoria Winters by Marilyn Ross (William Ross), the second book in the old Dark Shadows tie-in series.

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What's in the Mail?

Bethany House sent me an ARC of The Bleeker Street Inquiry Agency: To Disguise the Truth by Jen Turano. I'll start reading it sometime later in the week.

What's New On The Bookshelf?

I picked up two paperbacks, White Fire and Still Life With Crows, written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, at a thrift store for 9 cents each. 


  1. Funny you mention Dark Shadows! I was just thinking this week of going back and binging some of the old episodes...

  2. I wonder how Bethany House does their send outs. I always seem to get my copy weeks after everyone else gets theirs. So weird. I have had Shadows of Swanford Abbey less than 2 weeks. Have a great reading week!


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