Friday, November 19, 2021

3 Celebrities That Would Do Well on “The Masked Singer”

“The Masked Singer” is jam-packed with celebrity judges (Robin Thicke, anyone?) and a star-studded cast of contestants — musicians, actors, and even athletes from all walks of life have made appearances on the show! Here are three performers that would do well in the next season of TMS.

Amy Lee

The legendary frontwoman of the gothic rock band Evanescence, Amy Lee is internationally renowned for her pure, nearly operatic vocal range and emotionally driven delivery. There’s no doubt she would steal the hearts of every audience member on the show! Lee has produced countless hits, both with her band and as a solo artist; the songstress has already proven her ability to perform covers, with her take on songs like Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” captivating fans. Furthermore, her gothic influence would almost certainly show in her costume, and her gothic influence is surprisingly minimal in the show.

Blake Shelton

A Country icon and beloved television personality, Blake Shelton has all the chops for a smash-hit run on “The Masked Singer”! Shelton has been releasing chart-toppers since the early 2000s, and his vocal range and stage presence are equally fun and impressive. The Country legend’s personality shines through in his music and television career, and it would no doubt be a visual treat for TMS viewers. Plus, Shelton has plenty of iconic works to incorporate into his costume — his career is packed with signatures like “Ol’ Red”, so the singer has plenty of influence to draw from and use as hints for fans. Shelton’s chances of winning would likely be very high, as he has already shown his prowess as a champion vocal coach on “The Voice”.

Sir Elton John

Dazzling costumes, iconic songs, and a performance style that mesmerizes at every show? Sir Elton John was born for “The Masked Singer”! Having released countless platinum hits since his beginnings in the late 1960s, John is a legend in the music scene and has proven his vocal power and ability to engage an audience time and time again. The musician is already well-versed in over-the-top costuming, and his dramatic stage presence would be enough to keep the audience guessing all the way to the finale. On top of all of these benefits, Elton John would be a remarkable LGBTQ+ representation in the show.

Regardless of who the producers invite to perform next, audiences across the globe are excited to see who will be revealed next on the show! Each season is better than the last, and the only way to go is up.

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