Monday, January 4, 2021

[Review] - The Hush Sisters by Gerard Collins

Sissy and Ava Hush are estranged, middle-aged sisters with little in common beyond their upbringing in a peculiar manor in downtown St. John’s. With both parents now dead, the siblings must decide what to do with the old house they’ve inherited. Despite their individual loneliness, neither is willing to change or cede to the other’s intentions. As the sisters discover the house’s dark secrets, the spirits of the past awaken, and strange events envelop them. The Hush sisters must either face these sinister forces together or be forever ripped apart.

In The Hush Sisters, Gerard Collins weaves psychological suspense with elements of the fantastic to craft a contemporary urban gothic that will keep readers spellbound until the novel whispers its startling secrets. 


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My Review

I've been reading gothic novels since I was a little bitty kid. While I don't recall the title of the first gothic novel I read, I do vividly remember the cover, which featured a twenty-something woman wearing a long blue gown and running away from a creepy castle. Yeah, I'm well aware that descriptions describe every gothic horror novel of the 1960s and 1970s. And, no, I'm not from those eras. I'm still seven months shy of officially being middle age.

Enough of my rambling, let's get to my final thoughts on The Hush Sisters, a gothic novel written by Gerard Collins.

The plot centers on two middle-aged sisters, Cara (Sissy) and Ava, fighting over their family's manor, which needs some renovations. The oldest, Ava, wants to get rid of the house because the upkeep would be too expensive. The younger sister, Sissy, wants to keep the house. Throughout the story, dark secrets reveal themselves.

Many modern so-called gothic novels don't focus heavily on character development, and I'm glad to say Gerard Collins went the opposite route and gave us two fleshed-out characters. The descriptions are exceptionally detailed, which should be mandatory in every gothic tale. The old house is mysteriously creepy and helps set up the dark atmosphere.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Hush Sisters. It's a well-written haunting tale with intriguing characters and a spine-chilling setting.

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GERARD COLLINS is a Newfoundland writer whose first novel,nbsp; Finton Moon , was nominated for the International Dublin Literary Award and won the Percy Janes First Novel Award. His short-story collection,nbsp; Moonlight Sketches , won the NL Book Award, and his stories have been published widely in journals and anthologies. He lives in southern New Brunswick. 

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review. Your knowledge of Gothic literature adds weight to your words. Also, thanks for featuring my novel on your site during the blog tour.


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