Monday, October 5, 2020

Review - Turning Point by K. M. Smith

Adam is the resident vampire in a small college town in Michigan. It’s the same scenario every night: wander campus, snag a co-ed for dinner, get home before dawn. Rinse. Repeat--until an irresistible new professor appears. From the shadows, he follows her every footstep, lurking, until he witnesses a tragic accident. As life drains from the object of his desire, he is faced with an impossible choice: Should he intervene or not?

22 years later, Alice Peterson is well on her way to graduating from college. Her life and goals are set, and her future is bright. But Alice meets Adam and a tempestuous wind portends a different fate. Thrust into a world she thought to be fictitious, Alice must rely on wit, cunning and newfound powers if she hopes to survive. Adam will do what he must to keep Alice from learning too much about her past, including the unthinkable.

No good deed goes unpunished as familial bonds are pushed to their limit and new relationships are tested. Filled with action and bloodlust-fueled drama, read on to unlock the mystery when Alice reaches her Turning Point.



The first vampire novel I had ever read was a watered-down kid-friendly version of Dracula way back during my elementary days. The introduction of Count Dracula led me to read the vampire tales from Point Horror and, later, Anne Rice's bloody vampire stories. My taste for the horror sub-genre has weakened over the years, though occasionally I will read a newer title, such as Turning Point by K. M. Smith.

Turning Point is under 300 pages, so it's a quick read. Well, at least it was a quick read for me. Unfamiliar with the author, I didn't know what to expect from the story, but it turned out to be entertaining. The characters are well written, the dialogue is non-cringe, and the descriptions are detailed just enough to paint a picture in your mind for every scene. While the plot isn't groundbreaking for the vampire genre, the author's intriguing storytelling is what makes Turning Point a fun read.

To sum things up, Turning Point is a well-written and fast-paced vampire tale. It would make a great read for Halloween.


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K. M. Smith has been around the world and currently resides in Texas. Writing is her passion, and writing about vampires and people with different supernatural abilities makes her giddy. Growing up in Michigan and spending time in several parts of the world has provided her with unique perspectives and innumerable opportunities for storytelling. K.M. is married to a wonderful and understanding man, and she is the mother of two children who test her knowledge of life and push her limits of caffeine intake daily. She is a bit of a dabbler and jumps headfirst into any endeavor she takes on (like writing a book and turning it into a series). When not at her desk, she can be found smashing her way through the tennis courts in the suburbs of Houston. Occasionally, she can be found writing at her blog

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting and reviewing Turning Point on your site today! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and found it entertaining. Reading this made my day. Thank you for putting those kind words out into the universe! -K.M.


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