Monday, September 7, 2020

Review - Under a Full Moon: The Last Lynching in Kansas

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About the Book

UNDER A FULL MOON: The Last Lynching in Kansas tells of the tragic abduction and death of an eight-year-old girl at the hands of a repeat offender in 1932. This crime stands apart as the last mob lynching in Kansas. Based on true events, this account takes a deep dive into the psycho-social complexities of pioneer times and their impact on this particular crime and the justice meted out to the perpetrator.

Beginning in the year 1881, and written in a chronological narrative non-fiction format, author Alice Kay Hill vividly weaves the stories of the victims and the families involved. She reveals how mental and physical abuse, social isolation, privations of homesteading, strong dreams and even stronger personalities all factored into the criminal and his crimes.

Spanning the years of settlement to the beginnings of the Dust Bowl, historic events are lived as daily news by the seven families whose lives become intertwined. Historically accurate and written with an intimate knowledge of the area, UNDER A FULL MOON is as personal as a family diary, as vivid as a photo album found in an attic trunk, and will remain with the reader long after the book is closed.


My Review

Under a Full Moon: The Last Lynching in Kansas is not your typical historical read, as it switches point-of-views many (and I mean many) times throughout its entire length. (FYI: It’s 356 pages for those who need to know.) I vaguely remember learning about the lynching of Richard Read in a High School history class many years ago. I live east of Kansas City, so any history book about Missouri and Kansas always piques my curiosity.

Overall, Under a Full Moon: The Last Lynching in Kansas is a well-written true-crime tale. Like I already mentioned, it’s not our typical non-fiction read, and because of the dark subject matter, it might not appeal to some readers. Though, if you're a true-crime buff, then I recommend reading it.

About the Author

Alice Kay Hill
is passionate about her Kansas heritage. She has published in Hobby Farms magazine and written an instruction manual title GROW TOPLESS: A Modified High Tunnel Design for Headache Free Extended-Season Gardening which is available on Amazon. UNDER A FULL MOON: The Last Lynching in Kansas is her first narrative non-fiction work.

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  1. I love hearing what others have heard about the lynching of Richard Read! To think it had been mentioned in a high school history class outside of the immediate area is intriguing. Thank you for sharing that with your readers. You make a good point that this is not a typical non-fiction book, nor is it a typical true-crime telling. I felt it was important to provide a sense of place and time for the event. This is what led to a chronological format and the stories of the primary characters. More importantly I felt compelled to embed a message of prevention, of protection, and of understanding. Thank you for your review.


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