Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Midnight Horror Review - ZETA (2019)

2019's Indonesian zombie apocalypse film Zeta (also known as Zeta: When the Dead Awaken) is now available on video-on-demand in the United States and United Kingdom from Film Regions International (FRI). The film marks the directorial debut of Amanda Iswan, who also penned the script.

Zeta centers on teenager Deon (played by Jeff Smith), who witnesses the beginning of a zombie outbreak after getting into a fight at school. He rushes home through a chaos-filled city to protect his mother, Isma (Cut Mini Theo), who has early Alzheimer’s. They quarantine themselves inside their home until Deon has to venture out to hunt for food & supplies in the sky-high apartment building that’s crawling with the undead.   
Zeta is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

Final Thoughts

Zombie flicks are a dime a dozen. I love everything zombies, but I've been disappointed with many of the recent movies, so my expectations for Zeta were low, mostly because I knew very little about the film, besides for having zombies.

Was I disappointed with Zeta?


Zeta is Dawn of the Dead meets The Raid.

The majority of the movie is set inside a sky-high building with a teenager, Deon, trying to protect his mother from the amoeba Naegleria-Zeta virus. Besides from another resident and his douchebag brother, they are the only living humans in the building. While the primary focus is on Deon and his mother, there’s also a side story involving his scientist father and the military battling their way through the zombie-infested city to retrieve the “cure” that’s in the apartment building.

Zeta offers nothing new to the zombie genre, but it does have three-dimensional characters that you care about. The zombie makeup and visual effects are well-done. Well, at least I enjoyed them.

Overall, Zeta is a thrilling zombie tale from beginning to end.

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  1. I love all things zombies! I've never heard of this one so thanks for sharing. I'm adding it to my queue :)


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