Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Midnight Horror Review - The Grudge (2020)

My stomach cringed when I heard there would be a reboot of The Grudge, which turned out to be a sidequel with the same name as 2004’s The Grudge, or otherwise known as the American remake of the Japanese Ju-On horror franchise. Yeah, I know, what an original title!

I’ve never seen the Ju-On films, and my only knowledge comes from the 2004 remake and its horrible 2006 sequel. I was a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so the first film excited me because it starred Sarah Michelle Gellar. Well, that is until I saw it. I watched the movie once and thought it was utterly stupid. Why did I watch the sequel? Well, while channel surfing late one night, I came across The Grudge 2 on Syfy or some other cable channel, and I watched it out of pure boredom.

Now let’s get back to the 2020 film.

Yes, I’ve heard and read several critical reviews for the reboot upon its theatrical release, and I had no intention of seeing it on the big-screen or buying it on Blu-ray. I had planned on never seeing the damn thing. The only reason I’m reviewing it is because it premiered on STARZ last night, and with nothing better to do, I watched it.

Final Thoughts

There’s one word to sum up The Grudge (2020) - boring! I started nodding off within the first twenty minutes, and that was after I had downed a Monster Energy drink. If a film studio wants to kick-start an old horror franchise, then you will have to do it with a better script and director. It’s dull as hell! The jumping back and forth between timelines might have worked with the original, but it didn’t do crap for the reboot. The cast gave impressive performances, but the characters they all played were one-dimensional.

Horror flicks need scares, but this reboot had zero. Hell, even a few bad jump scares would have helped this disaster. While I appreciated the old school visual effects, they were uninspired.

Overall, The Grudge is one of the dumbest movies ever produced. The director and producers should be ashamed of themselves!

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