Sunday, 26 July 2020

Sunday Post - The Accursed, Ghosts, and Horror Flicks

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Regis Philbin and John Saxon passed away over the weekend. Can 2020 get any worse?

This week has been difficult for me without my cat, Gaby, who died on July 18th. On three separate occasions, I could have sworn I heard a cat meowing. My house is haunted! Ever since I’ve lived here, I’ve seen shadowy silhouettes of a woman and a little girl, and both were wearing 19th-century dresses. I’ve heard footsteps go up and down the stairs. From my understanding, the house was built in the 1970s and before then this part of town was a field. Gaby spent her final two days in bed. I covered her up with a blanket to keep her warm. On two occasions, someone neatly pulled the blanket off of her. Gaby was too weak to have done it herself. A guardian angel? A ghost?

Anyway, my depression kicked in on Monday, leaving me irritable. Add on a few sleepless nights, another internet outage, and cable issues, my week mostly sucked. The cable/internet repairman showed up on Friday. Lightning struck my cable/internet line, so it had to be replaced. Plus, the cable box on the utility pole was never properly closed by the last technician, so there was water in it.

With the internet working properly, I woke up early on Saturday morning and wrote review drafts for four DVDs/Blu-rays that have been collecting dust on my desk. I was halfway done with a review for Heroes when I left to run some errands, and then I got stuck for the rest of the day doing home maintenance/repairs. I wanted to go to bed early, but I needed to write The Midnight Horror Review post, which would have been easy to do if I had watched a horror movie earlier in the week. I ended up watching The Unwilling. I was too tired to write a review, so I postponed it until August 15th.

My plans for today are to finish writing the review for Heroes, work on reviews for two other movies, and then proofread/edit all seven reviews. This will finish my backlog of DVD/Blu-rays.

What Am I Reading?

Like I mentioned last week, Hawk by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet will be my next read. After that, I will either read another 007 adventure or a horror novel.

Recent Reviews

(DVD Review)

(Blu-ray Review)

What's in the Mail?

RLJ Entertainment kindly sent me reviews copies of You Don't Nomi and James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction. You Don't Nomi is a documentary about 1995's box office flop Showgirls. Story of Science fiction is a 6-part documentary series that aired on AMC in 2018. The Blu-ray comes out on Tuesday. I'll be watching the series over the next two days and will post the review on Tuesday.

New Bookmark!

Yesterday, I bought a Jack Skellington bookmark.

More Horror Movies!

It shouldn't be a shocker to anyone that I love horror movies. It felt like Christmas morning when I went to Dollar Tree and found a slew of horror DVDs. The titles I got are Holidays, Slumber, The Gift, Robert / The Curse of Robert (Double Feature), The Girl in the Photograph, Ghoulies IV / Howling IV (Double Feature), and He's Out There. Also, I picked up The Haunted at Walmart.

What's New on the Bookshelf?

I picked up three hardbacks at the thrift store. The titles are The Accursed by Joyce Carol Oates, Fall Of Knight by Peter David, and Nobody Lives Forever by John Gardner.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat, they are such huge parts of the family. I know what you mean though about the meowing, when I lost my black Labrador Max, later that evening there was a commotion through the house, as my husband was out and the kids where asleep I am convinced it was something to do with Max.

    Enjoy your new books and DVD’s.

  2. I’m sorry you had a rough week, I hope this one is much better!


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