Saturday, June 13, 2020

DVD Review - American Zombieland (2020)

Sometime last year, Mill Creek Entertainment started releasing ITN Distribution titles. I have had several of these DVDs in my possession for several months, and I've made many excuses not to review them, as many ITN films I've reviewed in the past have been crappy. Late last night, I finally got around to watching American Zombieland (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart), which the title is a ripoff of the horror-comedy Zombieland.

Directed by George Bennett, American Zombieland (Not Rated; 88 minutes) originally had the title Fat Ass Zombies. Just like Zombieland, this is a horror-comedy, just raunchier!

Set in Corsicana, Texas, the 88-minute movie centers on a clueless, wannabee horror director, Sam (played by Dave Mussen), who becomes the joke of the town after a film festival rejects his latest low-budget horror flick. After most of the citizens turn into zombies after eating "Freedom Cakes," Sam gathers up his buddies, grabs a camera, and attempts to make the most realistic found-footage horror film ever produced.

Final Thoughts

The splendid news is American Zombieland isn’t nearly as stupid as it should have been. While shot on a shoe-box budget, the directing and production values are decent. The acting from the mostly unknown cast is passable to laughable. There are a few laugh-out-loud laughs and several cringe gags.

Warning for Zombie Fans: It takes nearly 30 minutes before any zombies to show up. There’s a bit of blood and gore, but mostly it’s tame.

For a DVD, the video quality is excellent. The only bonus is the movie’s trailer.

Overall, American Zombieland is a raunchy B-comedy with zombies. Sure, there’s little to no character development, and it can be dumb, but if you lower your expectations, you might have an enjoyable time.

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