Tuesday, July 28, 2020

DVD Review - The Warrant (2020)

Mill Creek Entertainment sent me a review copy of The Warrant (Not Rated; 75 minutes), a western from Insp Films and Imagicamm Entertainment. I had viewed the film shortly upon receiving the DVD (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart), but I disliked the movie so much that I've delayed writing a review for it.

Written by Shea Sizemore and directed by Brent Christy, the film stars Neal McDonough in a rare non-villain role. He plays John Breaker, a Civil War veteran turned sheriff who teams up with his son, Cal (played by Steven R. McQueen), to arrest a veteran turned vigilante, "The Saint" (played by Casper Van Dien).

(FYI: Sorry, if the synopsis is short. It's been several months since I saw the movie.)

Final Thoughts

Horribly written and directed, The Warrant should be a must-watch in film schools to teach aspiring filmmakers what not to do. Despite starring a few big names, the acting is godawful, especially from Steven McQueen’s grandson, who should pursue a different line of work as he barely read his lines.

From what I recall, the picture and sound qualities were decent on the DVD. Special Features are An Inside Look, Rogues’ Gallery, The Breaker Family, Prepare For Battle, and Trailer. There’s an English subtitle option. Included with the DVD is a movieSpree Digital Code.

Overall, The Warrant is a poor excuse for a western. Don’t waste your time watching it.

(Note: I’m only including buy links in this post because Mill Creek Entertainment sent me a review copy. It’s a courtesy thing.)

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