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Review - A Glimmer of Ghosts by Hunter J. Skye

*This is a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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One night of filming in the wrong cemetery changes everything for a celebrity ghost-hunter with a half-dead brain. When Melisande Blythe discovers that a secret society of wraiths wants her killed or worse, Mel will have to do the one thing she promised she would never do… trust a ghost.

But does the corporeal spirit of her dreams really want her heart or does he want her newfound ability to enslave souls? With Hell on the horizon, Mel is running out of time. She has to stop the fiery invasion or face the darkness warring in her soul.

I really do need to start writing things down as I didn't realize I was supposed to review A Glimmer of Ghosts until I came across the post "draft" this morning, so I spent this afternoon reading it. I do apologize if my review seems a little short but I want to get this posted before midnight.

With that said and done - on to my final thoughts!

I'm a sucker for any "ghost hunters" reality shows, though most of them are fake, so A Glimmer of Ghost's plot instantly intrigued me from the get-go, which revolves around a ghost hunting team called the Ghost Towne Investigations, though the story centers around Melisande Blythe, a member of the team who has narcolepsy.

I'm always skeptical when I read a new author but all my worries went away by the end of the first chapter. The first paragraph pulled me right into the story, and with two cups of coffee, I read the novel in one afternoon!

Overall, A Glimmer of Ghosts is a well-written paranormal tale with creative descriptions, lively dialogue, and unique characters.

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Hunter J. Skye is a high-functioning square peg, which turns out to be a prerequisite for writing quirky urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Her debut novel, A Glimmer of Ghosts, has won four Romance Writers of America awards.

When not typing away on her next novel, Hunter can be found cracking nerdy jokes or waxing existential over a bowl of spaghetti. She firmly believes this world is ready for a narcoleptic heroine.

One thing about the story:

Many of the spirits appearing in A Glimmer of Ghosts are based on actual ghost stories from the Olde Towne district of Portsmouth, Virginia. Once a year, these stories are told on the city’s annual Halloween Ghost Walk. These apparitions are well known to the residents of Olde Towne, Portsmouth and the city considers them ambassadors of a sort. One such ghost, Colonel William Crawford, founded the town three hundred years ago and is the inspiration for Grayford- Melisande’s haunting lover.

One thing about me:

In 2016 Hunter Skye was diagnosed with a rare REM sleep disorder that mimics the presence of other-worldly entities. In her search for a coping mechanism, Hunter adopted a new life plan- “when life gives you ghosts, write a ghost story.” Now that those specters are on the payroll, everyone is much happier.

Hunter has a Bachelor of the Fine Arts and has won four Romance Writers of America awards pre-publication for her debut novel, A Glimmer of Ghosts. Worldwide release is 2/19/20.

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