Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Blu-ray Review - No Mercy (1986)

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Now available on Blu-ray is the 1986 action flick No Mercy (R; 106 mins; $14.98) starring Richard Gere and Kim Basinger. It's part of the continuing Retro VHS series from Mill Creek Entertainment, where the slipcover resembles the original VHS rental cover. There are no special features or bonus extras.

Directed by Richard Pearce, No Mercy centers around Eddie Jillette (played by Gere), a Chicago detective who travels to New Orleans to locate Michel Duval (played by Basinger), the only witness to his partner's death. The Cajun beauty happens to be the girlfriend of the crimelord Losado (played by Jeroen Krabbé), who's a little possessive of her. After finding Michel, he handcuffs her to himself just in the nick of time, as Losado has ordered his goons to kill him.

Eddie drags Michel trough the streets of New Orleans and the swamps in the attempt to outrun the bad guys. Though they only known each other for a short time, they fall in love. Instead of leaving New Orleans, they make a violent last stand against Losado.

Final Thoughts

I was a five-year-old when No Mercy was originally released in 1986. I recall my parents renting it on VHS and when it came to the love scene I was told to cover my eyes. Yeah, I allowed to watch bad guys get killed but I couldn't see the steamy, clothed love scene between Richard Gere and Kim Basinger. Then, again, I was only a five-year-old, so I fully understand why I couldn't see the scene.

Anyway, what I mostly remember from the movie was Gere and Basinger handcuffed together in a swamp. I had mostly forgotten about the film until I heard about Mill Creek Entertainment releasing it on Blu-ray.

It's a mixture of a thriller and a film nor. The plot is your standard '80s action plot, where a cop is seeking vengeance for his partner's murder. Pretty simple stuff. The twist in the film is the two main characters have to be handcuffed during a long chase scene on foot and thanks to the location, they're wet most of the time. The ending is just a typical shoot'em up, in which the good guy wins.

The picture and sound qualities are excellent on the Blu-ray.

No Mercy is a well-directed action flick that's worth checking out on Blu-ray.

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