Thursday, February 6, 2020

DVD Review - A Psycho's Path

Yesterday, I wasted 84 minutes of my life watching the dumbest movie ever filmed― A Psycho's Path.

The film is produced by Entangled Entertainment, Hourglass Pictures, and Stroboscope Studios, and written and directed by Rocky Costanzo. Mill Creek Entertainment and ITN Distribution released the movie on DVD last month. There are no special features or bonus extras besides a trailer. The DVD does come with a movieSPREE Digital code.

Set in 1967, A Psycho's Path centers around John Doe (played by Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson) escaping from a mental hospital and going on a killing spree near the small town of Brownsville. The local authorities go on a manhunt to stop the psychopath.

Final Thoughts

The writer/director, Rocky Costanzo, should never be allowed to touch a camera again!

When it comes to horror flicks, I try not to nitpick the acting too much. However, nobody in this movie knows a single thing about acting.

The tone is supposed to be serious but the dialogue comes across as a spoof! There are factual errors and goofs everywhere. The setting is in a small town called Brownsville, which has a police chief, Captain Peters (played by Steve De Forest), with police officers all wearing oversized deputy uniforms with "Sheriff" badges. I mean literally the word "Sheriff" is printed on them. The characters are constantly being referred to as both cops and deputies. Which is it? You can't be both.

The director must have no idea what a "farmhouse" actually looks like! Towards the ending, Captain Peter states he lives in a farmhouse but what is shown on screen is just a regular house.

I laughed-out-loud when it was revealed Captain Peter has a young son. While this is plausible, in reality, he would be the kid's grandfather. Where's the kid's mother? She's never even seen or referred to during the entire 84-minute runtime.

I call this dumb writing!

There are many characters throughout the film who are wearing the exact same cheap black wig! Why? Did everyone in 1967 have black hair?

There were a few scenes where the musical score sounded a bit too much like the music from John Carpenter's Halloween.

A Psycho's Path is just plain crap!! Please don't waste your time watching it!

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