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Review - Met Her Match by Jude Deveraux

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Way back in my elementary days, I was probably the only student who was well aware of the romance author Jude Deveraux because my mother was big fan of her novels. With my passion for books, naturally I ended up reading a few of the author's titles; though, reflecting back on it now, I was probably a bit too young for the steamy love scenes. Nevertheless, that was my introduction to Jude Deveraux, and now as an adult, I have become a fan

Jude Deveraux's newest novel, Met Her Match, was published in September, and I was lucky enough to get a review copy from NetGalley. Now I didn't read the book right away because I had 13 horror novels lined up for October so I didn't begin reading it until Halloween night. To be precise, I read a few paragraphs at a time while waiting to give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I finished reading the book the following Sunday afternoon. Why did it take me so long to write my review? Due to setting up my annual Holiday Gift Guide, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was swamped during November and December so I put off writing the review until today.

Anyway, Met Her Match is sequel to 2016's The Girl From Summer Hill (Read my review here). It's set in the fictional small town of Summer Hill, Virginia and centers around Terri Rayburn, a woman who runs a summer resort, which is owned by her father. After taking a short trip, she returns home to find a stranger living in her house. That stranger happens to be Nate Taggert, who has spent the last 12 years working in the Middle East as a diplomat. After his fiancé takes a sudden trip to Italy for three weeks, he goes back home to Summer Hill with plans of opening up a business. His uncle sets it up so he can stay in a private house, which happens to belong to Terri!

This is a romance so you can pretty much guess what comes next — sparks fly between Nate and Terri. However, there are rumors that Terri is a heartbreaker, which leads Nate to investigate into her past.

Final Thoughts

The Girl From Summer Hill is a fun modern take on the classic Pride and Prejudice story so my expectations for Met Her Match might have been slightly high. I hate to say this but this sequel is a little too boring for me. The characters are interesting but the dialogue is very clichéd and it feels like a badly written made-for-Hallmark movie. Don't get me wrong, the overall novel is well-written, it's just the plot is no different than any other romance novel. Jude Deveraux novels have always stood out from the crowd but, sadly, Met Her Match feels a bit stale. It's not a terrible read. However, I was disappointed with it.

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