Friday, December 13, 2019

Learn About Space Exploration with These Blu-rays!

Once upon a time, space exploration was actually a popular subject our society. I recall reading about NASA in textbooks, weekly readers, and Scholastic books back when I was in elementary school in the late '80s and early '90s. While there are a few companies (Space X) trying to figure out how to get us to the Mars, NASA doesn't get very much mainstream attention these days ever since the government retired the shuttle program.

Personally, space exploration has always been an interesting subject for me and I enjoy reading anything on the subject as well as watching documentaries, such as the Space Station (Space Station 3D) and NASA: A Journey Through Space. Both of these documentaries were released to Blu-rays earlier this year by Mill Creek Entertainment. (FYI: Space Station was released on 4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray!)

Space Station was the first 3D live-action IMAX film to be shot in space. Produced and directed by Toni Myers, the 47-minute film was original released to IMAX screens in 2002 and grossed over $127 million.

Tom Cruise narrates this documentary about the high-flying laboratory ISS (International Space Station) that's 220 miles above the Earth and moves at a speed of 17,500 MPH.  Highlights include the station's in-orbit construction and glimpses of crew members as they work.

Special Features include:
  • Director's Audio Commentary
  • Adventures in Space - Interviews with Tom Cruise, Director Toni Myers, and the Astronauts aboard.
  • Astronaut-Guided Tour of ISS
    • Expedition 7: An Audio Visual Tour of the ISS
    • STS-108: An Audio Visual Tour onboard Endeavor to the ISS
The 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray comes with a Digital Code that only be redeemed on the movieSPREE website or app.

Final Thoughts

While its slightly outdated due the fact the ISS has had many improvements added to it over the years since this documentary was filmed, Space Station is still amazing to watch, mostly due to the fact it was filmed entirely with IMAX cameras. The actual film is pretty short at under 50 minutes but there are several special features to keep you entertained.

The picture and sound quality are excellent on the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. The only downside to this release is that the Digital Code can only be redeemed on the movieSPREE app instead of on VUDU or Movies Anywhere.

Overall, Space Station is a well-made documentary about the ISS!

NASA: A Journey Through Space is a seven-part documentary series on a 2-disc set. It chronicles the very beginnings of space flight in the USA starting with historical May 25, 1961 speech by John F. Kennedy that lead to Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong becoming the first human to step on the moon on July 20, 1969. The documentary series covers the past, present, and future of space exploration.

The seven-part documentary includes:
  • The History of Flying and the Space Race
  • Operation: Lift Off
  • Shooting for the Moon
  • The Apollo Missions
  • After a Giant Leap
  • The Shuttle & Living in Space
  • The 21st Century & Beyond
There are no special features or bonus extras. It comes with a Digital Code that only be redeemed on the movieSPREE website or app.

Final Thoughts

If you're like me and you like to learn anything you can about space exploration, then you're going to love NASA: A Journey Through Space, which is an intriguing documentary series. The 7-part series spans 5 hours & 18 minutes on a two disc set.

The picture and sound quality is pretty decent for the most part. Not exactly perfect but good enough for my standards. The Digital code can only be redeemed and streamed on movieSpree.

Overall, I enjoyed watching NASA: A Journey Though Space. I'm a sucker for any documentary about NASA and I'm sure others will like watching this, too.

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