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Review - Phantom Audition by Simon Dillon

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What's "Phantom Audition" About?

Small-time actress Mia Yardley, recently widowed wife of renowned actor Steven Yardley, discovers her late husband’s secret acting diary. The diary details appointments made with a psychic medium, who advised Steven on which roles to take. It also raises questions about his mysterious and inexplicable suicide. Seeking answers, Mia speaks to the medium, but in doing so is drawn into an ever- deepening mystery about what happened to her husband during the final days of his life. Eventually, she is forced to ask the terrible question: was Steven Yardley murdered by a vengeful evil from beyond the grave?


I'm a sucker for any book with a creepy mansion on the cover, which is the #1 reason why I wanted to read Phantom Audition to begin with. At just under 300 pages, I quickly read through it yesterday morning before I finished one cup of coffee.

The very beginning of the novel somewhat reminds me of the classic Twilight Zone episode "The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine," though the two have completely different plots. With both tales, I was under the assumption they were going to be simple haunted house stories but neither one went that route.

Mia Yardley is a fairly interesting main character for the most part. I struggled to connect with her for several chapters but eventually something snapped and I became intrigued with her quest to unravel the mystery behind her husband's questionable suicide.

The author's writing style is pretty good and I got a "Gothic" vibe all through the novel. All of the dialogue is well-written and the descriptions are very detailed.

Overall, despite a slow beginning, Phantom Audition turned out to be an entertaining read.

About the Author

The spirit of Simon Dillon took human form in 1975, in accordance with The Prophecy. He kept a low profile during his formative years, living the first twenty or so of them in Oxford, before attending University in Southampton, and shortly afterwards hiding undercover in a television job. In the intervening years, he honed his writing skills and has now been unleashed on the world, deploying various short stories and novels to deliberately and ruthlessly entertain his readers. He presently lives in the South-West of England with his wife and two children, busily brainwashing the latter with the books he loved growing up.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the novel. I've not seen the Twilight Zone episode you mention. Will have to check it out.


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