Saturday, 23 November 2019

Fall Reads: Canadian Dreadful: An Anthology

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I spent this afternoon reading the new horror anthology Canadian Dreadful, which is published by Dark Dragon Publishing and edited by David Tocher.

As you can probably guess by the title, all of the stories (14 total) are set in or near Canada. There are a wide range of horror tales in this collection featuring sacrifices, cannibalism, ghosts, and mystical forests.

The story titles and authors are:

  • Aranzazu Banks by Robin Rowland
  • Centre Ice by Cailtin Marceau
  • His Cold Coffin by Tyner Gillies
  • Memories Of Miss Mindy Tulane by Jen Frankel
  • Nowhere Time by Pat Fleweeling
  • Rebecca Raven by David Tocher
  • Relentless by Repo Kempt
  • Sins of the Father by Colleen Anderson
  • Snow Angel by Nancy Kilpatrick
  • The Delivery Boy by Judith Baron
  • The Mansion by Karen Dales
  • Two Trees by Vanessa C. Hawkins
  • Stag And Storm by Sara C. Walker
  • The Sound Of Passing Traffic by Joe Powers

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I have a bad habit of picking out books by their covers alone, which is exactly how I ended up reading Canadian Dreadful. Plus, I love anything and everything horror. Unfortunately, I had many issues with the writing in all 14 tales. Even with a short horror story, I expect there to be detailed descriptions and well-written characters but I didn't get any of these things. I've never been to Canada and I was hoping to get a vivid picture of the landscape from the descriptions but that never occurred. Even though all the stories have elements of horror to them, there were no frightening scenes. A few of the stories are underwritten, while others are overwritten, such as the first title Aranzuau Banks, which is a complete snoozefest.

Overall, I was disappointed with Canadian Dreadful, many thanks to bad editing, one-dimensional characters, and lack of descriptions. Read at your own risk!

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