Monday, 25 November 2019

DVD Review: SAF3 2: Under Pressure

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Mill Creek Entertainment; AMAZON
Last month, I received a few titles from Mill Creek Entertainment to review on this blog. One of those titles was SAF3 2: Under Pressure DVD starring Dolph Lundgren. I was under the impression the film was a sequel to one of his many direct-to-video action flicks. However, that isn't exactly the case there. Yes, it's a sequel to SAF3, which was released on DVD in 2018 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, but the 83-minute movie is the edited version of several episodes from the 2013-2014 short-lived syndicated action series, SAF3. Yeah, instead of releasing the entire series to DVD, ITN Distribution decided to combine several episodes together in the attempt to make people believe this is a new movie.

Gary Capo and Phil Scarpaci are credited as the directors for SAF3 2: Under Pressure. Along with Dolph Lundgren, the film (or series) also stars J.R. Martinez, Lydia Hull, Texas Battle, Jocelyn Osorino, Travis Burns, Katie Meehan, and Danielle Anderson.

Dolph Lundgren stars as John Eriksson, a leader of the Sea, Air, and Fire divisions of the Malibu Fire Department, which is "under pressure" after a fire lead to a firefighter, Alfonso Rivera (played by J.R. Martinez), being seriously severely burned.

Final Thoughts

Let me start out by stating that I've never seen either the SAF3 series or the first edited movie but I didn't really need to as I easily got caught up thanks to many badly edited flashback scenes. The acting is horrible from the entire cast, except for Dolph Lundgren who more ore less has an extended cameo than a starring role. The dialogue is cringey, the cinematography feels cheap, and the action-scenes are laughable. I laughed-out-loud at the opening credits which was a ripoff of Baywatch.

The picture and sound qualities are pretty decent for a DVD release. There are no special features or bonus extras.

Overall, SAF3 2: Under Pressure is a waste of time to watch. Maybe the original series was better but this edited version is just plain dumb. It makes me wonder how the series ever got greenlit to begin with. I cannot recommend this to anyone!

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