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Sunday Post: 10/13/19

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Good Evening, Everyone!


What Am I Currently Reading?

I have a lot reading on my plate this week. I'm will be finishing up Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds tomorrow and then I'll either start reading Buckskin or Summer's Promise. The latter title is for a book tour that start's tomorrow. I'll planning on posting my review on Thursday. I have a Jude Deveraux book on my Kindle that needs to be read. Then I have 13 horror novels to read this month. I would like to begin reading a book per day starting on Thursday. I'll be posting reviews for the horror titles starting on Oct. 19th (next Saturday). 

Recent Reviews

by V.C. Andrews




In The Mail

The only thing review-related in the mail last week were the two Blu-ray Steelbooks - Ultra Q: The Complete Series and Ultraman: The Complete Series - from Mill Creek Entertainment. These are Japanese "kaiju" series from the 1960s. Ultra Q was shot in black & white and features many "redressings" of monsters from the early Godzilla films. Ultraman is sorta sequel/spinoff about an alien warrior who accidentally collides with a Jet piloted by Hayata while battling a monster. The two merge together to become Ultraman. I'm planning on posting reviews for these on Tuesday, which is the day they're being released.

New on the Bookshelf

It should be no shock to anyone that I have a new James Patterson title on my bookshelf. It's titled 19th Christmas (a.k.a. - the 19th Women's Murder Club novel). I had pre-ordered the book while I was buying a few Christmas presents. It was supposed to arrive on Oct. 9th. The Fedex tracking even listed it as being on a truck for delivery that day. However, the book never arrived and the tracking switched to "pending" until it suddenly showed up on doorsteps on Friday evening. Personally, I hate waiting around for things to show up. At least the book wasn't damaged. I would like to read the book sometime in December. 

While I was shopping at a different (and bigger) Walmart in a neighboring county, I stumbled on Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco, which is a book I have been looking for several weeks. It's the fourth and final novel in the series that started with Stalking Jack the Ripper. I'm not for sure what's wrong with my local Walmart as they're not stocking anything. I'm not just talking about books as I'm referring to the entire store. They don't even carry Christian or children's books anymore.

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  1. I hope you have a good week, Billy!
    The Kerri Maniscalco series is one I've been curious about for a while. Think I'll check it out at some point.


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