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Midnight Horror Review - 3 From Hell

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The Rob Zombie directed horror film 3 From Hell (R; 115 minutes) was released to Blu-ray (+ DVD + Digital) this week by Lionsgate Home Entertainment & Saban Films, featuring both the rated & unrated versions. It's also available to own on 4K Ultra Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital.

3 From Hell is the follow-up to Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses (2003) and The Devil's Rejects (2005). In the opening minutes, we learn the serial killers Baby Firefly (played by Sheri Moon Zombie), her adopted brother Otis Driftwood (played by Bill Moseley, and Captain Spaulding (played by the late Sid Haig) miraculously survived being shot 20 times each by the police. They were tried and convicted for their crimes.

Spoiler Warning: Captain Spaulding is executed by lethal injection, while Otis and Baby are sentenced to life in prison. Well, that is until Otis' half-brother Winslow Foxworth "Foxy" Coltrane (played by Richard Brake) helps Otis escape. Then they come up with a plan to break Baby out of the slammer. The trio go on a killing spree as they head off to Mexico to escape the authorities.

Special Features
  • To Hell and Back: The Making of 3 From Hell
  • (Blu-ray Only - 4-Part Documentary)
  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Rob Zombie

Final Thoughts

It takes a specific horror fan to enjoy Rob Zombie films. While the musician turned director has a natural talent for cinematography, his movies are filled with fowl language, over the top characters, and sadistic violence. And, of course, his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, appears in every one of his films. 2003's House of 1000 Corpses was a gory oddball throwback to the '70s horror grindhouse flicks and it's sequel The Devil's Rejects dropped the horror aspects and was more of a bloody road trip that received better reviews from critics than its predecessor.

The Devil's Rejects wasn't exactly perfect but at least it had a finality for its characters. Well, at least that's what fans thought until Rob Zombie decided to a make a third entry, 3 From Hell.

I'm well aware 3 From Hell received mostly negative reviews from mainstream critics. While I do agree the film is unnecessary, it's not as bad as what the critics made it out to be.

The film opens up with a documentary explaining the survival and conviction of Baby, Otis and Captain Spaulding. Sid Haig only appears in a cameo due to his ailing health at the time of production. Sadly, the actor passed away last month. A new character, Foxy (played by Richard Brake), was created to replace Captain Spaulding. Due to their ten years in prison, the characters have changed quite a bit. While Otis is still likes to preach the devil's work, he's crankier and slightly laid back. Baby, who was already crazy, is now completely bonkers!

At a running time of nearly two hours, the movie feels a little off; like there's too much going on for the characters. It almost like two movies in one with the Firefly gang escaping prison and going on the run, and the revenge plot set in Mexico, which the latter could have easily been expanding into a fourth film.

Overall, I enjoyed watching 3 From Hell. Sure, the film shouldn't have been made in the first place and it's nowhere near as good as The Devil's Rejects but there's plenty of humor and gore to keep any horror fan entertained.

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