Saturday, 26 October 2019

13 Reads of Horror! - The Place by T.M. Wright

I have many books in my library (a.k.a. - cheap bookshelves and closets) that I'd purchased at used book stores or thrift shops and I picked put these titles because I loved their covers. One of these titles happens to be "The Place" by T.M. Wright, a 1989 horror-fantasy that I've been meaning to read to read for quite a long time.

The Place centers around the Galway King, his wife Ella, and their children, Justin and Greta, coming across a "terrifying" event in the woods that leads a madman, Harlan DeVries, to hunt them down. To deal with the trauma, Greta goes to her imaginary world called The Place, where she believes she would be safe. However, The Place's bright blue sky has turned black-red and the magical felines there will no longer talk.

The evil of the real world has found its way into The Place and Greta must find a way to survive.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever read a book and said to yourself, "What the hell did I just read?"

Well, that's exactly how I would describe my thoughts the moment I finished reading the final page of The Place. It's a bizarre dark fantasy novel that's written really well for the first half and then falls completely apart for the rest.&nbsp

While the main character is an eight-year-old, the novel shouldn't be read by children. It's like a messed up, darker version of Alice in Wonderland. Like I already mentioned, the novel is well-written with detailed descriptions. I don't have a problem with the actual writing but my only issue is with the latter half as the story gets weirdly confusing and the endings leaves too questions unanswered.

Overall, The Place is an unusual read that I somewhat liked but also disliked at the same time. After reading the novel, I learned T.M. Wright had died in 2015. He wrote many horror novels during his lifetime. If I ever find any of his titles, I'll definitely be getting them. 

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