Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Responsibilities of a Movie Producer

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When the general public discusses the behind-the-scenes aspects of a movie, they often mention the actors and director. One understated, but important, position is the film producer. While some producers are well-known directors and stars, such as Steven Spielberg and Mel Brooks, others such as Kathleen Kennedy, Kevin Fiege and Heather Parry have dedicated themselves almost entirely to production.

Film producers are heavily involved throughout the making of a project, from planning and pre-production to post-production and release. As a result, they often assume a variety of roles and tasks through each stage.


The pre-production stage of a film is perhaps the busiest time for producers. For the most part, this is where they get the initiative to start a project and assemble the right cast and crew for its development. Producers are always looking for the next source for a successful film. They mostly go through scripts curated by a professional script reader, but also get ideas from books or established intellectual properties. Producers must also attract the best director for the script and work with the director to find fitting actors. Finally, they must secure funding if it is not a studio production, as well as create an overall plan for budget and filming schedule.


Now that most of the cast and crew is assembled and the major decisions have been made, the role of producers may be less involved as it was in the beginning. The producers select people that are responsible and self-reliant, so ideally, they can work without producer supervision. Still, producers oversee the film that is shot daily and work with the director to make small changes from time to time. When cast or crew members get into a dispute, the producers may intervene and attempt to diffuse and resolve the situation. They may also get involved if the established schedule or budget change too much during production.



As the production stage draws to a close, the producers become more involved to ensure a high-quality film is released. Movie producers see the final cut and collaborate with the director to make any last-minute changes to story, editing, pacing or other technical aspects. In addition, the producers work with a distributor to release the movie. Advertising is also a major priority, as the producers and the marketing firm decide how to promote it.

The role of producers is fluid depending on the production, but it is generally very involved and important. Despite not always enjoying the spotlight, producers are crucial in film development.