Sunday, 14 July 2019

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Good Evening, Everyone!

Have you ever overexerted yourself?

Well, I've definitely overexerted myself over the last few days. If you haven't already noticed, this blog got a major redesign last week. It all started on Monday night when I was fooling around on Canva. and ended up making a new blog header. I liked it so much that I decided to redesign the entire blog to match the header's color scheme. Then I had to fix a few broken things. Overall, it took me "literally" the entire night to redesign everything. I didn't sleep at all, I just kept kept working to everything was finished.

*FYI:  I have a new blog button located in the right sidebar!

My bedroom has been cluttering up with junk for a long time now and I finally got sick and tired of it on Friday night, which is when I decided to clean out all the crap from underneath my bed. Throughout Saturday afternoon I took everything out of the room (except for everything that's in the closet), tossed things I didn't want anymore into the trash, and rearranged all the furniture. While I was lifting up the mattress, I knocked a wooden shelf from the wall. Yes, the wall was damaged a bit, so I had to repair it and reinstall the shelf to a different location, which was a pain the neck as the shelf is heavy. Since I was moving everything around, I installed a new cable wire with cable stables to the southside of the room, this way the old TV is actually in front of my bed instead of being shoved in the corner collecting dust.

I didn't finish cleaning the bedroom until nearly 2AM this morning. However, I didn't fall asleep until around 5AM; meaning I slept in to nearly noon. Let's just say I'm extremely store from moving everything around!

What Am I Currently Reading?

I didn't have very much time for reading last week. I read a big whopping 38 pages of IT by Stephen King early on Friday morning. I'm planning on reading more this week and I'll also be reading Gooseubmps SlappyWorld: The Dummy Meets The Mummy! by R.L.Stine.


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In the Mail

I don't know if other bloggers do this but I have it setup so I'll receive notifications when something is being sent to my home from FedEx, UPS, and USPS. I supposed to have received a package on July 8th from the post office, but I never got anything. According to the tracking number it was delivered that afternoon. After still not receiving the package on Tuesday, I sent a "missing mail" message to USPS. They sent back an automatic message that the local postmaster would look into the matter. I never heard back from the post office, but the package was in my mail box by the end of the day. I guessing the mail carrier delivered it to the wrong address.

What was in the package?

Well, the package contained the book Understanding Miss Cecilia by Carolyn Miller. It's a regency romance novel from Kregel Publications. I'll be reviewing it sometime between July 29th and August 2. I had signed up to review the title awhile back, but I forgot what date I'm supposed to review it. I really need to take notes!

On Friday, I received the children's book Goosebumps SlappyWorld: The Dummy Meets The Mummy! by R.L. Stine from Scholastic Books.

New on the Bookshelf

I stopped by my local Dollar Tree a few days ago and picked up the thriller The Smaller Evil by Stephanie Kuehn. Also, I won the eBook Pimp My Airship by Maurice Broaddus from a LibraryThings giveaway.


  1. I don’t think our postal service offers that type of thing, it would be convenient if they did though.
    I like the new header! I really need to update my theme but it just seems like too much work.

    Have a great reading week

    1. It's called Informed Delivery" and you can sign up for it on the USPS website for free.

      Updating a theme can be a big job, but it's worth the effort.

  2. The blog looks great! Wow, you must be exhausted. I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep!

    1. I'm still a little bit worn out today, but I did sleep well last night.

  3. I haven't done any revamping of my blog for so long that I have forgotten how to do it. Luckily, I'm content with what I have. Your home reorganization should inspire me but I'm too lazy to get off the couch to start. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  4. Your blog renovation looks amazing, I can understand really getting into it and spending all night at it. The kind of think I'd do myself! And I love the result, its still coffee but lighter looking. Awesome work.


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