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Midnight Horror Review: Shark Bait (6 Killer Shark Films)

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Mill Creek Entertainment; Amazon
To celebrate Shark Week, I'm featuring a review for the recently released Shark Bait DVD ($19.98; 10 hrs and 13 mins) from Mill Creek Entertainment, which features 6 killer SyFy films - Ghost Shark, Mississippi River Sharks, Ozark Sharks, Santa Jaws, Swamp Shark, and Zombie Shark

There's also a bonus film - Alligator Alley. And, yes, I'm well aware these movies destroys the purpose of Shark Week.

The two-disc set comes with a Digital code that can only be redeemed on Mill Creek Entertainment's new streaming service - Movie SPREE - which is available as an app on Roku Channel Store, Amazon Appstore (Fire TV), Google Play, and the Apple App Store. You can also redeem the Digital code on movieSPREE.com/redeem.

Ghost Shark (2013; Not Rated; 87 mins) - Directed by Griff Furst, this supernatural film has a shark coming back from the dead as a vengeful spirit and it will kill anybody who is near any type of water source, even a Slip 'N Slide. The cast include Richard Moll and Mackenzie Rosman.

Mississippi River Sharks (2017; Not Rated; 86 mins) - Directed by Misty Talley, the film centers around a group of sharks attacking a "fish rodeo" on the Mississippi River. The cast includes Cassie Steele and Jason London.

Ozark Sharks (2016; Not Rated; 86 mins) - Directed by Misty Talley, the film centers around a family traveling to the Ozarks for a simple vacation, but, sadly, they're being stalked about a group of bull sharks. The movie stars Allisyn Ashley Arm, Michael Papajohn, Ross Britz, and Ashton Leigh.

Santa Jaws (2018; Not Rated; 88 mins) - Directed by Misty Talley, this holiday tale centers around a grounded aspiring comic book artist teenager who uses an antique pen to draw (and imagine) a great white shark wearing a Santa's hat to get revenge on everyone he's mad at. The shark comes to life and kills anybody who has the Christmas spirit. The movie stars Reid Miller, Jim Klock, and Ritchie Montgomery.

Swamp Shark (2011; R; 89 mins) - Directed by Griff Furst, the plot involves a mutated shark getting loose in the swamps after a animal smuggling deal goes horribly wrong. It's all up to the McDaniel family to hunt down the shark and kill it. The movie stars Kristy Swanson, Richard Tanne, D. B. Sweeney, and Robert Davi.

Zombie Shark (2015; Not Rated 87 minutes) - Also known as Shark Island, the film is directed by Misty Talley and centers around four friends on a weekend trip to a small resort island that just happens to be surrounded by killer sharks. These aren't any ordinary sharks either. These sharks have been infected with a zombie like virus and whatever and whomever these sharks bite gets turned into a zombie! The movie stars Cassie Steele, Jason London, and Laura Cayouette.

Alligator Alley (2013; Not Rated; 88 mins) Also known as Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators, the film is directed by Griff Furst and centers around a young college student returning home to her redneck family. Shortly upon arriving, a group of mutated alligators go on a killing spree causing chaos all through the bayou. The movie stars Jordan Hinson, Thomas Francis Murphy, and Ritchie Montgomery.

Final Thoughts

I've hardly watched anything on SyFy ever since the cable channel changed their name several years ago. The channel is now less about science fiction and more about B-rated low-budgeted flicks with really dumb plots, which is exactly what all six seven films on the Shark Bait DVD are about.

I don't mind a watching a good shark movie, like Jaws or The Shallows, once in awhile, but my expectations for these SyFy films were pretty low to begin with. FYI: I had never heard of any of these SyFy titles before I'd watched the DVDs.

You know what? I ended up liking all the movies. Yep, even Zombie Shark!

Surprisingly, the acting in these films aren't too bad. Yes, the plots are way out there, especially with Ghost Shark, Swamp Shark, and Santa Jaws, but if you don't take them too seriously, they're kinda fun to watch. As for the CGI, well, they're pretty bad; almost laughable at times. Like I just said, don't take anything too seriously.

Like many Mill Creek Entertainment releases, the seven films are split onto two discs, so don't expect the picture and sound to be pitch perfect. There are no special features or bonus extra.

Overall, I enjoyed watching all the films on the Shark Bait DVD. My three favorites out of the bunch are Swamp Shark, Ghost Shark, and Alligator Alley. If you like low-budget shark flicks, then this release is definitely for you.


  1. Looks like fun rainy afternoon entertainment and 7 films for $20 is pretty good value

    1. The movies are entertaining if only you lower your expectations for them. The DVD retails for $20 but you can probably find it cheaper in stores.


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