Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Blu-ray Review: Songwriter (1984)

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Mill Creek Entertainment; Amazon

Late last night, I watched an old movie starring Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson called Songwriter, a musical drama that was original released to theaters to in 1984. I would have been a three-year-old back then, so I had no clue this movie even existed until it was released earlier this year to Blu-ray by Mill Creek Entertainment, which is part of their VHS Retro-Look Blu-rays.

Songwriter (R; 94 mins; $14.98) centers around country singers Doc Jenkins (played by Willie Nelson) and Blackie Buck (played by Kris Kristofferson). After working together for many years, the duo separate just as Doc's personal life becomes a huge train wreck. His wife, Honey (played by Melinda Dillon) kicks him out of the house and his manager, Rodeo Rocky (Richard C. Sarafian), steals the rights to his music.

In the attempt to get his career back on track, Doc becomes the manager for Blackie and a newbie singer, Gilda (played by Lesley Ann Warren).

Final Thoughts

Considering the age of the film, I thought it might be a little bit campy but that wasn't the case. It's actually a pretty decent movie about the music industry in the '80s. Willie Nelson and Kirs Kristofferson both give great performances, though they're more or less playing fictional versions of themselves.

The picture and sound qualities are alright for the most part but there were a few grainy scenes. Like most Mill Creek Entertainment releases there are no special features or bonus extras.

Overall, Songwriter is a likeable little film. It's far from being perfect but thanks to the excellent cast and a good soundtrack it's a fun watch.

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