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Spring Reads: Middle School: Born To Rock

I, for one, am glad March is officially over. From being ill and dealing with a lot of stress, I didn't have very much time to focus on writing reviews for this blog. Since today is April 1st, which also marks my blog's 10th anniversary, I'm hoping this month will be more productive for me.

If you've already been following my blog, then you would know I'm a big "James Patterson" fan. Good or bad, I like reading his mysteries and crime thrillers. And I even like reading his co-written books for children, such as the Middle School books.

The eleventh installment of the Middle School series, titled "Born To Rock," was released back in February, which shifts the point-of-view away from Rafe Khatchadorian and lets his little sister Georgia have center stage; though Rafe does appear throughout the story.

Like many kids, Georgia dreams of being a famous rock star! She started a band with her friends, Nanci, Mari, and Patti. They call themselves "We Stink!". The band gets extremely excited when they learn their favorite band Lulu and the Handbags is running a contest for rock bands with members under sixteen-year-old. Bands are to post a music video on the contest website, where people will vote for the best video. The top twelve will be invited to a live audition and the winner will get to be the warm-up act for one of Lulu's concerts. Plus, the winning band will get $1,000!

Georgia is determined to do anything she can to win the contest! Yes, that even means letting Rafe help the band.

Final Thoughts

There's are two good reason why both children and adults love the Middle School series: 1: The stories are hysterical . 2. The illustrations are even funnier.

While the main plot is centered around a music video contest, there are a few realistic subplots tossed about; such as Georgia having to deal with school bullies, school projects, and having a bit of a crush on a fellow student. Mr. Patterson and his co-author, Chris Tebbetts, did a marvelous job creating a smart and fun story.

Everyone needs a good laugh once in awhile, and, luckily, Middle School: Born To Rock is full of lighthearted humor that can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

*Note: I received a review copy from the publisher.
All opinions are my own.

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