Saturday, 12 January 2019

Capturing the Moment with These Memorable Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind of experiences and moments that you may struggle to remember. While you might assume that after months of planning, there is no way you would forget even a moment of your big day, the reality is that your wedding will be a busy, stressful, exciting, and emotional day that will go by in the blink of an eye. This is why we always recommend that couples invest in the best possible photographer they can afford.

 Your photographer will be able to capture moments that you may have missed or may have forgotten. They will be there to capture your groom’s eyes when he first sees you walk down the aisle, your friends laughing together over appetizers, and your parents smiling fondly at you as you have your first dance. They will also be there to capture some fun moments with you and your bridesmaids.

If you and your girls are prone to some fun with your photos, then here are some memorable bridesmaid photo ideas you can do with your bridesmaids:

Show everyone how you met

This is a great idea if many of your bridesmaids met you at different points in your life. Have them hold decorated mini blackboards that each say how you met and have them hold them around you.

Create a tunnel for the bride’s entrance

When you’re just about ready to walk down the aisle, have your bridesmaids line up and create a tunnel with their raised arms for you to walk through with your photographer at the other end. This sweet photo is playful and visually interesting.

Do a ‘first look’ shot

Your husband-to-be isn’t the only one excited to see you in your wedding dress! Your bridesmaids have been waiting months to see the final look that you’ve all been working to put together. Have your photographer wait slightly behind you as you open the door to reveal your final look, this will capture the edge of your dress and the facial expressions of your bridesmaids as they first see you in your wedding dress.

Make use of sparklers

The bursting light of sparklers can create really interesting shadows and gorgeous pictures for your shots with your bridesmaids. Group your bridesmaids together and light some sparklers while the sun dips below the horizon behind you. This looks amazing for beach or barn weddings, since it’s a more casual, playful photo opportunity. If your girls are wearing gold bridesmaids’ dresses or something with sequins, the sparklers will also create amazing light play.

  Use your phones

Since many of your bridesmaids will be snapping pics on their phone anyway, make use of it by having them all line around you in a semi-circle and prepare to take a photo of you posing in your dress. With your photographer behind them, you’ll have a neat photo of your smiling face shown in repetition across a line of cell phone screens.

Contrast your colors

If your girls are wearing mismatched dresses, this photo is a great opportunity to show that off. Have your bridesmaids stand on different levels with a dramatic backdrop with you, down on the ground, in the middle. Go for the darkest colors on the outside, like black bridesmaid dresses, and then go lighter until you reach your glowing, white wedding dress.

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