Saturday, 24 November 2018

Great Gifts for Book Lovers!

Great Gifts for Book Lovers

What do you get for a book lover besides books? Maybe you want to get them something extra to go along with a bestseller, or perhaps you are just shopping for yourself.

Books have an amazing way of transporting us into worlds, stories, and meeting characters we would never have the chance to meet here in the real world. Great books are meant to be discussed and shared. There have been so many times that I have set down a newly finished book and wanted to talk about the ideas with someone. Unique artwork based on books has an amazing way of generating conversation. A simple compliment can turn into a friendly discussion between book lovers.

Here are just a few ideas to spark your interest and hopefully give you some ideas for some great book related gifts. They come from a small online store that I started in hopes of bringing books to life and into our everyday conversations. I will share with you a few of my favorites in the collection and talk a bit about the designs.

The Edgar Allan Poe Tote Bag is a subtle yet classy piece for any discerning book or poetry lover. Poe published the 'The Raven' in 1845. It's hard to believe that a work of literature published such a long time ago can still be so relevant today. This tote bag is a crimson red and made of strong polyester with black lining. The words 'Edgar Allan Poe' are displayed in bright white along with a skull and old hardcover book. The raven is perched atop the skull ready to take flight at any moment.

Dante Alighieri wrote Dante's Inferno as part of the Divine Comedy. This Dante's Inferno T-Shirt in a vintage and distressed print. The graphic is an antique gold with your choice of background color. Choose it on a black or navy shirt for one look or a crimson or maroon shirt for a different look entirely. Men's shirts come in sizes S - 5XL. All shirts in the store are 100% cotton for comfort and durability, with the exception of the heathered colors which contain varying amounts of polyester and have a marbled look.

The Call of the Wild T-Shirt makes for a great gift for any Jack London enthusiast or simply someone who likes dogs. The silhouette of a friendly canine sits prominently in the center of the shirt. Women's shirts come in a wide range of colors and in sizes XS - 3XL.

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Written by Melissa Chan designer at Literary Book Gifts, and a book lover, designer, and lifelong reader.


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