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Review - 18 Wheels of Science Fiction

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312 pages; $14.99; Amazon
I've only read a handful of science fiction novels during my lifetime. While I don't mind watching a good science fiction movie, I'm just not really into the reading books set in the genre, except for the occasional anthology, like the recently released 18 Wheels of Science Fiction.

Published by Big Time Books and edited by Eric Miller, 18 Wheels of Science Fiction features 18 short stories about futuristic truck driving.

Here's the official blurb from the back cover:

An alien fuel additive shows just how fast a big rig can go... A disembodied driver wages war on self-driving trucks... A haul through time takes an unexpected turn... Reality shatters for a trucker using an experimental delivery device... Stargazing gives an overweight driver a new lease on life... A young girl risks her life to hitch a ride out of an apocalyptic wasteland...

Take a trip through the imaginations of 18 visionary writers as they explore the future of trucking in these speculative tales. The highways of the universe will never be the same.

The short stories are:

The Wreckers 
by John DeChancie

Speed Trap 
by Jeff Seeman

Thin Ice
by Bond Elam

by Lucio Rodriguez

I, Truck
by Gary Phillips

Over Flat Mountain
by Terry Bisson

Wheels Of Wrath
by Janet Joyce Holden

Shotgun Seat
by Paul Carlson

Job No. 34264
by Lisa Morton

Essential Oils
by Michael Bailey

Big Rig, Big Rip
by Alvaro Zinos-Armaro

A Flicker of Bright Light
by Del Howison

by Edward M. Erdelac

Everything Looks So Small
by Carla Robinson

Silent Passenger
by Kate Jonez

Indica Asterion & The Wizard Of Ozymandias
by Sean Patrick Traver

Human, Trafficking
by Michael Paul Gonzalez

by Eric Miller

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest, I was only interested in reviewing the anthology based on two reasons.

1. The semi-trailer truck on the cover reminded me of the F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit from Knight Rider.

2. The editor, Eric Miller, has the same name as my uncle. (And no, they're not the same person.)

Like I already mentioned, I don't read very much science fiction. I have nothing against the genre, I just don't prefer to read it for some weird reason. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading 18 Wheels of Science Fiction, which is a mixture of different sci-fi tales all featuring futuristic semi-trailer trucks. All of the stories are well-written with great descriptions and intriguing characters. Out of all the stories "Speed Trap" is my favorite.

Overall, if you're into fun science fiction tales, then I recommend checking out 18 Wheels of Science Fiction.

About the Editor

Editor Eric Miller has worked as a commercial driver in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. He wrote the science fiction movies Night Skies, The Shadow Men, and the SYFY channel hit Ice Spiders. He also edited the acclaimed horror anthologies Hell Comes to Hollywood I & II and 18 Wheels of Horror.

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